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072009 - Doc wants a reduction

Jul 20, 2009 - 2 comments




procrit only brought hb up to 9, nutrophils at 500, platets at 118.  Doc want to reduce doseage to half for riba & peg for 2 weeks.  I'm still rolling this around.  Maybe I will do it for a couple days and see how I feel.

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by epiphiny, Jul 21, 2009
I had to take a couple of reductions during tx (1200 down to 1000), both after reaching UND.  It really did make a difference and although I didn't want to do it at the time I was in the 9's and we don't have procrit here.  As soon as my Hb came back up I went back to full dose.  I sat at 10 most of the time and in the last 8 weeks dropped down to 9 again, and was reduced to 1000 again.  As soon at got back to 10 decided to up my dose to 1200 again for a final last dash for the finish line, without Doc's consent. It was a bad bad move, made me drop way down again very quickly.  So, what can go down very quickly can also come up very quickly.  I don't know what your riba dose is but I would comment that halving it seems too radical.  It is common to cycle riba up and down throughout tx but generally only at 200 mgs a time.

I was also advised to halve my Peg on 2 occasions, but I didn't do it and survived.  Those neuts have a way of jumping around and you may find they come back up naturally.  When we were in 'reduction' mode they were monitoring my bloods weekly and so I had a pact with myself that if the neuts didn't come back on their own, I would have followed Doctor's orders.

Not advising you what to do as I'm no Doc, just sharing my personal experience.  It's your choice...

Be well,
Epi :)

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by IMstacie, Jul 21, 2009
Thanks Epi - it helps to hear other's experiences.  One visit I'm happy with my dr. then another visit I'm second guessing his decision.  I've on been on procrit 4 wks this time and it did bring me up to 9 from 8.7 so I don't know why he won't order me another round.  The other thing is, he actually told me to break my riba in half.  It's not scored - he should order another prescription.  He refuses to give me the helper drug for my low nutrophills.  But, I know what you mean about the neuts going up & down - like a roller coaster.

I'm on 800 mg a day of the Riba, 400 in morn, 400 in evening.  I would refuse (i did before) but I feel my hb going down.  So, I thought maybe I would do it until I feel it going up, heck with the neuts - that one I will take my chances.  Labs in 2 wks.

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