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Dr. Appt Today - UPDATE!

Jul 21, 2009 - 1 comments














So i go for another Dr appt today at 3.  Tony wasnt able to get off work so his mom is going with me. We were going to get to hear the heartbeat today. I am so very nervous. Having flashbacks of last time at this appt...
  the dr looking and looking for a heartbeat and not hearing anything...then doing the ultrasound and finding out our baby was gone. and tony wasnt there. i was all alone...  
i cant think like that though.  this little baby is fine and healthy.  his mom and i are going to hear the heart and all is going to be well. thats what i have to keep telling myself.  i just wish tony could be there. but his job is important too. he said he would try his hardest to get off in time.  so i hope he does.

So tony made it to the appt!!!   he surprised me!!!! YAY!!!  and our little bean is doing wonderful!  The heartrate was 150 and it was the most beautiful sound i have ever heard in my life!!!  I want to hear it everyday. I have to go back in 2weeks instead of 4 because my bloodpreasure is kinda high so they want to moniter that. But all else is WONDERFUL!!!!!

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by m3lanie, Jul 21, 2009
I feel your nerves Hun, I too worry like a nut case. Its been 2 weeks since my last u/s and im petrified to go to my next appt appt. I'll be thinking of about you and little peanut and praying all is well. Keep the faith! Let me known how it goes cuz I'm right there with you.

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