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May 14, 2008 - 2 comments

hi every1 this is khan working in hyderabad
since 4 years i use to take cough syrup around 3 to 5 daily
i never thought where i was headding but yesterday night only i realissed!!!!
4m today i will not touch this thing inshallah
but i feel like sharing my emotions wid sum1 so i joined this in hope 2 get company who understands me
today is my 1st day lets c what is comming plz if ne1 of u know more abt this plz contact me!!!!!!!!!!!!
n pray 4 me

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by suboxoneaddict, May 14, 2008
Hey Khan, welcome to the forum, With cough medicine you are probably dealing with codeine and codeine, while no fun to detox from, mercifully is not very long detox. If it is your first it shouldnt be too tough You should feel much better in three to four days. Since you are in India, cant you pick up some valium at the drug store without a dr's prescription? If you can take ten mgs 2 times a day four no more than three or four days and it will help you get past the worst. Also, once you get past the worst, make sure that you exercise and get those endorphins flowing again. Drink lots of water and take care of your self

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by northkhan, May 14, 2008
hey plz tell me more abt this valium how it is helpful n yes i m taking since 4 years with 400 ml daily
what will b its effect plz tell more

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