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May 10, 2014 - 0 comments

I feel sad. I had my d&c for the molar pregnancy April 23rd.  I've been so sad!! There has been a few mornings I have woke up and cried! I am trying to stay strong. I know there was no baby, no heart beat, nothing that was a baby. But I feel like I did lose a baby. I have been trying to cope with everything.  I'm trying to accept everything
But it's hard. My doctor says I can't try for over a year!!! A YEAR, SERIOUSLY! ! I have to do weekly blood test for 3 months.  The doctor says if my hcg is low enough after 3 months I can go down to monthly.
I am very happy and blessed to have a beautiful 3 year old. I just find it hard to figure out why I had a molar pregnancy.  I felt like I wad ready. But maybe God thought different.

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