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Its been a while - but I am back.

May 12, 2014 - 0 comments

Good Morning Everybody,

Well it has been sometime since i last meade any entry here. I guess the main reason being that I have not had anything to write about, well at least I didn't think I had.  Then the other day it struck me, I have not written here because I feel so much better that I didn't feel the need., but now I realise its not my needs that count now//// it id the needs of others.  Others who are going through the sort of pain and thoughts that I did.  I need to be able to offer them support and guidance to get to the other end of the tunnel without coming off the track too often.

So if you think that you are alone... your not.  There are plenty of people who like me have come out the other side despite everything that was thrown at them and are now offering to help those in need.  so if you think I can be of any help or guidance to you in your troubles just get in touch.

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