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My Dear, Dear, Friend...May you now be at Peace!!!

May 12, 2014 - 2 comments

This is my Song to YOU PHIL!  As I went up in them Mountains to see if I could get some hints on what happen to you, this song would not leave my Mind..I know you have fought your own Demons for so long!!!!
You were finally found over 30 days later by a snow covered hill way out in the forest..RIP my Dear Friend for now you have no reason to fight anymore..You are now at PEACE!!!

LANDSLIDE by Fleetwood-Mac

I took my love, I took it down
Climbed a Mountain and I turned around
And I saw my reflection in the
Snow covered Hills
'Til the landslide brought it down
Oh, mirror in the sky
what is Love
Can the child within my heart
rise above?
Can I sail through the changin'
oceans tides?
Can I handle the seasons of my Life?
Well, I've been afraid of changin'
cause I've built my around you
But times make you bolder
Even children get older
And I'm getting older too
And I'm getting older too
Climb a Mountain and turn around
Well the landslide will bring me down
The landslide will bring me down....RIP.

The Landslide will bring us down if we do not keep working on Recovery!! May his Death just touch one person out here in his old world, then that will be a Blessing.
I will miss you Deeply Phil as Many others will too!! You had a Kind Soul and are Loved by
Your Dear Friend always

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by VICourageous, May 12, 2014
OH! For my own Record..Today is May 12, 2014..I do believe he passed on April 6th 2014.
I will come back some day and read this back my Friend. This is a good bye letter to you. lol

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by EvolverU, May 12, 2014

Thanks for the message catching me up on all of this. On first reading your PM, it looked like foul play but on a closer reading, I realized that if crank or crack/coke were his DOC's then it's quite possible that in a fit of paranoia the poor man might have set his own car ablaze & run from his phantom persuers.

Amen, to your last paragraph & may Phil R.I.P. He was lucky to have you & your husband as friends 'til the end. I know how hard it is to have so many deaths @ your doorstep when you're using. I can't imagine what it's been like when in the process of recovery -- especially since some were family! I'm in awe of you.

Btw, nice choice on your Fleetwood Mac tribute to him -- I find that music is a good way of expressing things that we're hard-pressed to 'release'! :)

I give you a long distance Hug & fervently hope that your statuses concerning this most recent death & this journal are helping you to continue to process this terrible emotional onslaught you've had to go through. May the Creative Force Bless You & send you peace, my friend -- You're SO due.



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