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Depo provera

May 14, 2008 - 3 comments

Has anyone ever been on the depo provera shot before? If so how did it go for you?

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by marie3B, May 14, 2008
Because you are a member of the ovarian cancer forum, this is posted in that forum. I am sure you understand that birth conrol questions don't belong in the ovarian cancer community.  To correct the problem you could un-join the ovarian cancer community or set yor journals to private.  Thank you for correcting this. Marie

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by mvnup123, Nov 09, 2008
Depo provera was a mess for me.  I was a healthy 145 at 5' 7" and 6 wks post partum got the shot.  No period for two years, moody, and gained 20 lbs in one month and 70 in the first year.  12 yrs later and I only lose weight when I am pregnant.  Three subsequent pregancies when an average LOSS of 35 lbs.  I can eat Anything while pregnant and lose.  As soon as I deliver it comes right back.  Go figure.  I would STAY AWAY from DEPO!!!!!

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by robs1234, May 13, 2009
I just started Depo a week ago. And since then i havent stopped my period AT ALL. I was meant to stop three days ago, and since then I've had brown discharge, and mood swings. I don't know when the discharge will stop, and I'm so annoyed!
My doc told me that in 70% of cases your period stops completely... yet in all the cases i've read, people have very odd bleeding patterns once they go on depo provera.
This was meant to let me enjoy sex with my partner, and not be interrupted by a condom... and with no worry of getting pregnant. But now I can't have sex AT ALL because im constantly bleeding.
I should have paid more attention to the negatives over the positives.

Choose something else! Save yourself the worry :)


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