Left eye in the Morning.?

Jul 22, 2009 - 4 comments

Left eye in the morning


blood vessels in eye in the AM

My left eye is puffy in the morning.  I took a picture to see if I could see anything and was surprised to see all of the blood vessels.  What would cause this.  I'm hoping the picture post.

Questioning maybe, well the obvious... a problem with my eyes, BP/HR issues, type ll diabetes or maybe thyroid.  A Dah.  I don't know.  Just thought I would throw it out there. ????

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by Me967, Jul 22, 2009
Wow it actually worked.  LOL  I always feel as if my eyes are swollen in the morning.  The left eye always feels worse.  I never realized the blood vessels swell as bad as they do until now.  Both eyes are effected but only the left eye gets the blood vessels in it if that makes since.  Just curious.

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by ireneo, Jul 22, 2009
Allergies perhaps? I have a friend at work that comes in and often his eyes are both puffy and blood shot. Looks painful. I have an occasional morning where one eye will be puffy and blood shot and it's usually on the same side that I was sleeping on.

I'm guessing your eye looked better after being up and about for an hour or so.

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by peekawho, Jul 22, 2009
I get that sometimes...its like something irritated it overnight.

You might want to either chuck your pillows and get new ones, or wash/dry them in hot water.  You could have dust mites.  If this is happening frequently, it might be why.  

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by Me967, Jul 22, 2009
Thank you both for the reply's.

No allergies.  Was tested for food and respitory both.  All negative.  Yay.
They get puffy in the AM and I do sleep on my back flat between dogs like a board.  lol.  It almost feels like a bug is stuck in the left one for about the first 3-4 hours only on the one side of my eye.

I've had this feeling for about the last 5 months on a daily bases along with blurred vision off and on threw out the day.  I see flashes and shadows out of my side vision sometimes though I think that is directly related to BP spikes and drops.

As for pillows (very expensive), are not that old, ~8 months.  Hmmm...I will try freezing my buckwheat pillow over night and see if maybe that makes a difference, The other one is a foam type one from serta.  I use a zipper pillow case (from serta) that is safe against H20 and dust mites along with the same type cover protector for the mattress and box springs, also ~8 months old.  (due to dog slobber, etc.)  LOL  Then I put another pillow case over that.  I like the outdoors, but NO bugs in my bed.  Creeps me out!

The bug in the eye feeling is not there now so I just took a couple more pictures ~7 hours later.  It looks like the veins have gone down some but not much.  I never realized until taking these pictures how many spider veins I have in eyes and my face though.  Eeek!  Funny how a camera can be helpful and fun, yet anger you at the same time.  LOL


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