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Tramadol detox

May 14, 2014 - 1 comments



Tramadol Detox



Ok I have gone down to 100mg a day. 50 in the am and 50 in the pm. I didn't sleep very well last night, with restlessness a thunderstorm and a scared panting dog in the bedroom, omg!
I did manage to eat bacon and eggs today, but am still quite nauseas.

I'm going to try and nap this afternoon, since I don't have an ounce of energy.
Also, I'm very proud of myself for keeping calm and doing my best to be grateful for small accomplishments.

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by Icannot, May 30, 2014
Have not been on forum for a long time but I am proud of your determination..Ihow are you now? I haven't been on forum except to ask about my neurological problems as I went completely off of opiates and lyrica.....around dec 2012"...
I had asked questions and though sympathetic ..u were so nice,, most said doctors know my pain meds were upped and I was in more pain..I shouted to the heavens and ..
Well I rebelled... Feb 2013-july2013....I slowly decreased and went from 120mg morphine / day ..(had been on 60 mg 3 months before)..and lyrica 300mg..... To zero.......I had been in increasingly more and  more pain than ever, so weak, depressed, a new diagnosis of Hashimoto hypo thyroiditis,,,I talked to my pain dr and though it took a long time with neuropathy pain bouts..anger, nausea, ANGER...I did it..
I still have Dysautonomia ..weak, shortness of breath, sweating,..but I am off everything except thyroid, modafanil to perk me up a bit.. and zolpidem for sleep...weak? Yes, But no striking pain all the time..
My doctors can't do much for the neurological condition and I have opiates if I need but I want to know how u are ..I think I had a good dose opiate hyperalgesia and lyrica was terrible for me..are you better with less? Blessings

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