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I Don't Want to Know

Jul 22, 2009 - 1 comments











Family Issues

So...after visiting with my boyfriend for a month, there's a chance I could get (or already have) genital warts.  He has flat warts, apparently...and now, just after returning home, my labia are itching like CRAZY.  But there are no bumps!  I don't see how it's warts...and no discharge, so I can rule out yeast infections too.

I'm going to make an appt. with the doctor...just a consultation visit to ask about genital warts and this crazy itch.  But my mom is swearing that since I possible am at risk for the warts, I'm putting my sister at risk since we share the same bathroom...and that now, my sister who is only 15 and not going to have sex anytime soon is going to have to get the Gardasil vaccine.  I'm not even mentioning the itch to my mother.  I'm already stressed out enough with the guilt-trip I got.

Good golly, I hope it's nothing serious.  I seriously do!!

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by Nike92, Jul 22, 2009
2 years a again my Girlf Give me a STD But doctors tell me it was not some thing bad may be it infections  but now i have bumps brake out on my skin that crazy because me she brake up like a 1 year now i am going fuck  crazy because i think i got  something really bad and i want have family now my life is fuck up i feel like killing myself sometime but i am going to take next cheick up going see a skin doctors i am fuck in going crazy  i  did not tell my mother are no body u are first person i am tell.

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