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Female Anorgasmia or Difficulty reaching climax.

May 18, 2014 - 0 comments

Female sexual dysfunction


female anorgasmia


can not reach orgasm


can't climax

‘ Female Anorgasmia’ It is the situation where a woman may have no difficulty in achieving an orgasm when alone masturbating but for some reason can not abandon herself to climax with a man. This is termed “situational anorgasmia” It is quite common, effecting as many as one in five women at some stage or other in their lives.

There are several approaches to treatment. Lifestyle needs to be looked at – diet, exercises, smoking, drinking, medicines – particularly the SSRI’s. You and your partner will probable need to discuss this with a Sex Counselor but some people advocate the use of a vibrator by the man on the woman or doing whatever it is she does when alone masturbating. You might invite your partner to watch you while you masturbate and ask him to help you.

Once the ginks is broken and the woman learns to have an orgasm in the presence of her partner then she can usually move on from there to having organisms during intercourse. Some setbacks are inevitable. Additional clitoral stimulation may always be required.

There is another more serious form of female anorgasmia called “Global anorgasmia” where she cannot experience orgasm under any circumstances either alone or with a partner. I will return to this another day.

Andrew Rynne.

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