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Burning sensation

Nov 22, 2007 - 0 comments

3-1/2 weeks ago, I first experienced a burning sensation one night while urinating.  After the burning sensation continued the next day, my primary physician prescribed Cipro for ten days.  He felt that the problem was either some bacteria or a non-specific urethritis.  My urine test and culture both came back normal.  The PSA came out at 1.27.  After four days, there was no improvement, so he prescribed pyridium, which didn't seem to help, either.  After eight days, the burning sensation was worse, if anything.  So, my physician changed the antibiotic to Doxycycline.  After two more days, I thought I was feeling slightly better.  However, I met a urologist then.  After a rectal exam and office visit, he determined that the examination was normal.  He felt that if Cipro hadn't worked, the problem was not bacterial prostatitis.  So, he diagnosed the problem as mild non-specific prostatitis.  He felt that any food or any other thing could have upset the prostrate, but I don't eat chillies or drink alcohol, either.  He dismissed the idea of non-specific urethritis because there was no discharge.  He advised me to stop the antibiotic, but to sit on a hot pad for 20 minutes three times a day, and to increase my sexual activity to reduce congestion in the prostrate.  I told this to my primary physician, who emphatically told me to not stop the doxycyline; he also said that the increased sexual activity was not necessary.  

Over the next eight days, i.e., over the remaining period of the doxycycline course, I began to feel better.  At the time of the very last dose on the 10th day, however, I experienced a spike in burning activity.  I went back to my primary physician, who placed me on another course of doxycyline for another ten days.  I am currently in the middle of this course.  I cross-checked with two other physicians/internists and they recommended I should continue the doxycycline.  However, I find that the burning sensation continues, even after urinating, and even when I'm not urinating.  I lately woke up from sleep in the afternoon and felt a strong burning sensation even though I hadn't urinated; I had eaten sour dough bread a few hours earlier with zesty-tasting chicken strips, if that has any connection.

After 3-1/2 weeks of this ordeal, I am tired and exhausted.

So, I would like your diagnosis, advice, and recommendation.

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