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Man am I weird

Jul 23, 2009 - 1 comments

I actually enjoy arguing. If it is not emotional for me I love to hear what people think, I love to test people and see how they react! I had a hard day at work but this makes it worth it. Some of my best friends were people I argued with all the time, but I guess it has to be the right person who doesn't take things personal. So I am debating with someone, they just keep going from subject to subject, bouncing around and I just keep responding. They seem a little agitated at first, then they start insulting me! Even insulting Americans in general- apparently we hear things but don't listen. This whole time I am just getting in a better and better mood, I look forward to seeing what they say to me! They start reading all my postings and getting into all other stuff not even related to my question in the first place, but I am having fun! I am a weirdo!

How have I been feelin?
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by rliz, Jul 23, 2009
You're not weird, at least not from my point of view.  You seem intelligent, inquisitive, eager to learn ... all positive traits.  Debating can be very educational for both parties (or groups) and it certainly keeps the brain working -- a good thing by all accounts.

Some of the members here are struggling with their own issues (including lack of concentration, being angry about having their life negatively impacted by a mood disorder, feeling oversensitive to questionable comments by others, a general mistrust of humankind, etc. etc.).  Since this site offers people an opportunity to vent, seek and provide advice, and even to debate (that's putting it kindly sometimes), it can be a very positive experience.

There are times when spending time on MedHelp has been too overstimulating or worrying for me. I'd recommend that you continuing providing and receiving advice here as long as it seems to be helping you.  If it starts becoming too stressful, you can simply take a break (either a short or permanent one).

Just sharing some of my own experiences and thoughts with you, but I realize you are as much of an independent thinker as I am and need to discover things for yourself.

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