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A new writing project....I hope

Jul 23, 2009 - 2 comments






Well to fill my time I am going to attempt to write another new story, this time about Lycans(Werewolves).  Now with my evenings free, I will have time to sit down and write something I enjoy.  With any luck I hope to have a rough draft of the first chapter in about 2-3 weeks.  So wish me luck.

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by Trentsgirl, Jul 23, 2009
I tried to sit down and write about a panwere among the lykans whose animal forms were all ice age and such. Talk about losing yourself in the storyline and the details!!OMG - it made me crazy!! Finally I just ended it and went on to write three fanfic stories for my favorite TV show and actor.

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by azrael13, Jul 25, 2009
Well I have just complete my prologue and first chapter of my new story, and so far so good.  Now it is time for a moment of quite time.

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