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Jul 24, 2009 - 2 comments



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I know I should be really proud of myself for the weight I have lost but I keep getting upset with myself everytime I get above that little target weight line on my tracker... Maybe I need to stop weighing so often...

Also, with 10 pounds gone I feel like I should be able to see it and feel it but no. My clothes all fit the same! How much do I have to lose to go down in size???

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by tigerlilly5909, Jul 25, 2009
Your doing great! Try not to get discouraged. I get very easily discouraged also and I'm finding that the less I weigh the harder it is to lose as fast. I lost a lot of weight before I could go down a size but I think it's because I was stuffing myself into my pants lol. As for not seeing your weight loss and feeling it, I have good days and bad. Some days all I see is a huge person and other days I see someone who doesn't need to lose weight, both of which are extremely distorted. I take pictures of myself sometimes to see what I look like. Maybe that would help you. Keep up the good work and one morning you'll wake up and see a difference, I promise!

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by melidrumm, Jul 26, 2009
For me it seemed to be making no difference till I hit the 30lb mark, then all the sudden I could not wear any of my clothes, it seemed to happen overnight. I am bigger than you thought so I am sure you will be able to see the difference soon!

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