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Pain on the right side of penis

May 15, 2008 - 1 comments

I have similar pain which I usually sense in the morning hours when I wakeup from the bed.. its starts at my back right side of the waist ( between the back rib and waist ) and radiates towards the front side of stomacha and gradually towards right testicle...

I am wondering if there is a problem with testicle and that is causing all the pain towards right side of waist... I am confused..

I have had Ultrasound to check if there are any kidney stones and then had spine Xray but both are fine and had various tests from my urine and stool samples but they were also fine .

Can someone help me.


My above question is similar to this below one which i found in this same forum :

Approximately four years ago I began to experience some mild
discomfort or tightness at the base of my penis on the right
hand side. The pain was mild at first but over time it began
to increase and the area just above and to the right of the
base became tender and sour. The pain and sourness would
increase with more frequent masturbation. I saw a urologist and
neurologist and they were unable to diagnose the problem.
Since the initial onset the sensation has continued with varying levels of intensity, but since the onset the pain has
progressively moved up the right side of my abdomen and around
the waist. Since the onset of the pain, I have been able to
have erections and ejaculate. However, my orgasms have been
very quick to happen and the sensation has been less intense.
Also, when I orgasm the right testicle pulls in while the left
testicle does not. Recently, the pain is in the area of my right
waist just above my hip and the intensity is sharper and more intense, in that area, immediately following ejaculation.
My feeling is that there is some level of nerve damage that has
resulted from excessive masturbation the years and I am very
concerned that this problem if left undiagnosed and untreated
may lead to permanent dysfunction and potentially impotence.

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by myketasin, Sep 02, 2010
well, certainly your problems is very difficult, if you see a doctor, maybe a clearer explanations. but sometimes the factor is that you may have a kidney stones

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