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Saliva test results

May 15, 2008 - 3 comments

saliva test


high estrogen


high DHEA


high Cortisol


ovulation twice in one month?


Hormone levels


High Progesterone

So, I don't have the #'s b/c the Dr's called me back at 6:30 pm to tell me a quick version of what the lab told them. SO this is a short synopsis but I hope to have the report soon and post my specific levels so i can get feedback.
Basically, My estrogen levels are so high they're outside the "high-normal" range; my progesterone levels are too high, my cortisol levels are high, my DHEA (from my adrenal glands) is too high, which means that my testosterone production is too high. My levels throughout the entire month are suggesting that I"m having 2 cycles in one. The Dr. said I may notice this as spotting or I may not. I said NOT b/c I don't spot throughout the month. There was lots more info but we were on the phone so that sums up what I remember. They want to do a 1 day saliva test now to look specifically into my Adrenals and determine what the problem is b/c with so much production of DHEA and testosterone, I should feel energetic, not tired. I'm excited that I have answers to why my libidio is so damn high and why my mood is so pms-y!!!

I'm really emotional right now b/c I spent 2 hours on the phone w/my mother who did nothing but undermine the significance of the tests and the results and made me feel like I was just wasting money on these tests. SHe kept telling me that every woman has abnormal levels and they would regulate themselves. Keep in mind that my mother thinks she's an expert on everything, but nonetheless, it was disheartening b/c I was so excited to have answers and she's popping my bubble, telling me that the #s don't matter. That basically this is all in my head. But, like I told her, i didn't start feeling symptoms when they told me my levels were off. I felt symptoms which is WHY i had my levels TESTED!!! UGGGHHHHHHH!!!
So, that's what I know for now and I hope to learn more in the coming days and weeks as i speak to an endocrinologist about all these things and how to fix them.

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393685 tn?1425816122
by stella5349, May 15, 2008
I wrote you a PM on adrenals. It sounds you may have a handle on this - the more I read about you they more I understand.

And welcome to the "mom " thing. My mother is a know it all too. I have found she doesn't know **** about me.

458937 tn?1271198381
by casandbaby, May 15, 2008
yay you finally got your results, your one step closer to figuring all this stuff out,  i'm sorry your mom isn't supportive at all. i'm here for you. If you we're'nt having all these unexplainable symptoms i'd understand where she could be coming from but you are and she should at least understand what your going through.... hopefully this will be resolved soon :)

358971 tn?1330892575
by bioclock1, May 15, 2008
thanks ladies! I need this kind of have NO idea how much it helps!!

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