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Visit to the Doctor's.

May 15, 2008 - 1 comments

















Contrast Dye



I had an appointment to see my Doctor to discuss my MRI results as I felt everyone had been a bit vague so far.

I had already received copies of letters sent to my neurologist which I had requested but they did not contain much information,just a mention of MS.

First we discussed my blood test results. [All came back normal]. I asked if I had been tested for Lyme Disease and he said I had not as it is rare in this country and I would not be tested unless I had lived or worked on a farm. I did not think to mention at the time but thought after about the fact that I had lived in the countryside for many years and had frequently had to remove ticks from my dog after walks. I even remember my sister having one in her neck once. I may be being over cautious but I will be bringing it up with my neurologist at my next appointment.

When we moved on to the MRI results he told me there were two lesions on my brain, and not one as I had been previously told, as well as two on my spine which had appeared less obvious on my second scan. (this I was later told was not the case but there is some confusion), It will be interesting to see if my next scan [3T]shows up more lesions and what having the contrast dye reveals [aging of lesions etc..].

The chat with my Doctor actually made me feel much better. I'm not sure exactly why. I did not learn anything I wasn't already aware of. We did however discuss me putting things into perspective and weighing up the likely hood of actually developing MS and that if they scanned everybody they would probably come up with all kinds of things. I realise I have no real symptoms and two clear 'attacks' separated by at least a month are required for a diagnosis so if I am in the early stages of MS I will probably have a very long wait to know for sure.

I now realise there is no point in me worrying about something that may or may not happen though it has took a while to get there!

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by vampgirl, Dec 27, 2008

7 yrs ago during a routine MRI they found one lesion, and now I have two.Three neurologist say nothing. I don'tknow what it is.I suffer severe panic attacks if i get a headache that lasts more than one day. This is so frustrating to have no answers. Hang in there.


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