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Day 2 after ACL surgery

May 24, 2014 - 1 comments

Today, woke up alone.  My leg feels significantly better than the day before.  Missed my ice-cast and pain pill schedule of 8am by 3 hours.  Felt fine missing them.  Decided to take one percoset as opposed to two, along with an extra strength Tylenol.  Went to PT yesterday.  Youngs was surprised that I was able to not only 'fire' my hamstring, but could contract it well enough that I could lift it while both laying down and sitting up.  It reminds me of the scene in Kill Bill where Uma Thurmon wakes up from a coma and is saying to her body, "Wiggle that toe."  Also, I could bend my leg up to about  85 degrees.  I guess a lot of people can only get it about 10 right after the surgery.  It turns out my meniscus tear healed on its own.  They had been telling me they are almost always never repairable, particularly the area I tore mine.  Not only that, they said by removing it or fixing it, I would require 6 weeks of crutches.  So, I  guess there was another plus to delaying the surgery.  I am so glad I did.  There would have been no way I could have kept up with or even gotten to school.  I have this neat ice-cast.  It;s pretty much like a brace that hold's a camelback.  There are hoses going in and out of it that circulate ice-cold water from a cooler.  Since it moves it around at about 40 degrees, it can be left on all day.  Feels quite nice.  My leg isn't nearly as swollen as the reinjury in February.  I can walk, am actually encouraged to... but my knee pops a little bit and is unsteady.  I have to do a lot of leg lifts for PT.  It is painful.  That and stretching really bum me out.  When they say something like, "Fire your hamstring 1000 times a day", you feel a little bit of pressure.  I know I can get adipose scar tissue if I do not get with it.  So, pain it is.  No one has come to visit me since my surgery.  Doesn't feel too great being alone (other than my mother the day of and after).

Finished a great deal of things on my to-do list.  Unfortunately, was finishing the final parts of my table on the 21st when my drill unexpectedly died.  So, I have a half-built workbench outside right now.  Not too pleased about that.  My front porch has all my plants on it.  Some of them, in small containers that need bi-daily watering.  Anyway, feeling kind of sleepy and like taking a rest.  Thanks for the opportunity to express myself,  Oh, and I still think about Brittney daily.  Part of me is starting to doubt she's doing the same for me.

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by persephonedemeter, May 24, 2014
Sorry to hear about your injury, but glad that the delay and repair provided better improvement. I have been through a lot of surgeries and facing 2 more right now. I was suppose to have surgery last week but I caught a bad cold, and they delayed it. It got re-scheduled to next week. I go through the same as you after surgery.

The only difference is that I rather be alone after surgery, and I have friends and family pounding on my door, then I have to take the time to tell them I will be okay and better off if they left me alone. They can be self appointed drill sargents when they get involved in my post op care. However, I had to smile when you talked about watering your container plants twice daily. I have to do that too. Like you and Weaver, I am big into gardening...not professionally, but as a home gardener. I also keep a to do list, especially pre and post surgery.

You sound so much better from your first postings. Regarding doubting  Brittney thinking of you. It is best not to go to that place and wonder about whether she is thinking of you throughout the day. It's easy to make much about nothing while alone and not so well. Just take it to heart that she and you connected in the way you like the same things, like you said in the previous post. Is she around or does she call you on occasion? If you haven't called her in awhile or messaged her, just drop a line and say you were thinking about her. Everyone likes to know that.

Ice packs are one of my favorite "easy and quick" pain relief...while I wait for the pain med to kick in. I forget to that my pain meds too. I don't like to snow myself after surgery, because I like to wake up to the alarm or be reminded by the alarm to take the meds, eat, or do the exercises I am suppose to do.  

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