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Angels Walk Amongst Us

Jul 25, 2009 - 10 comments

I received this in my email - it's beautiful!  I hope you enjoy it and it touches you as much as it did me!  

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by April2, Jul 25, 2009
The bible does say "Forget not to show love unto strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." Hebrews 13:2

I wonder how often that happens?

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by boldsojah4christ, Jul 25, 2009
Amen! That goes 4 the sick,homeless,gangbangers,the lost etc! Good point God bless Shannon:

488766 tn?1306105169
by Brrrrad, Jul 25, 2009
It gives me a comfort to know they do walk among us, and even more that the king of kings is in total control.
Awesome Post

611067 tn?1458591483
by HelpinUtah, Jul 25, 2009
I believe these things happen more often than we realize.  

There was a girl I knew from the Church I attended who was in a car accident with her mother.  They were in a remote area and there was no cell phone service.  The driver of the other car was injured.  The girl told her mother she would walk for help.  The mother said "no."  She was only 15.  A stranger came along out of nowhere and offered to walk with the daughter for help.  Her mother agreed.  Later on she said she didn't know why she agreed since she did not know this man.  But, she said she felt peaceful.  The man walked with the girl about a mile or so up the road and came upon a house.  They walked to front door and rang the bell.  A woman answered the door and the girl said, "Can my friend and I use your phone there was an accident just up the road?"  The woman said, "Of course, but what friend?"  The girl looked around and the man was nowhere to be seen.  When she shared that story, I knew it was an angel there to help!  

203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Jul 25, 2009
Did I tell you what happened with my daughter a few years ago? My oldest boy was driving himself and her to school. He was a senior in high school at the time and she was in 8th grade. Their school was only about 3 miles away but they had to cross over a major intersection. Anyway, my daughter told me later that she didn't buckle up that morning (she knows better!), I guess figuring it was only a few miles, etc. Right before they entered the intersection she said she heard a distinct male voice urgently tell her to buckle up now! She immediately did without thinking about it. As they entered the intersection (they had the green light), a lady was trying to make a left turn right in front of them and t-boned my son's car, totaling it. We think she may have run a red light or at least yellow as she was in a hurry. My son's door was smashed in so he had to crawl out the window, which was shattered. The windshield was shattered too. If my daughter had not buckled up she would have been thrown through that windshield and possibly killed or at least seriously injured. The kids had glass all over them yet not a cut on them. Neither one of them was hurt except a small bruise on my son's thigh from the door handle being pushed into his leg. When I rushed to the scene, they both were a bit dazed and my daughter had a headache so I did take them to the doctor to get checked over and they both checked out fine. Is that something, or what?

611067 tn?1458591483
by HelpinUtah, Jul 26, 2009
That's amazing!  Miracles happen every day.  Why miracles happen for some and not others, I can only guess it's because some people are just not supposed to leave this earthly relm yet and they have missions to finish here on this earth.  And then there are some who don't have to stay here very long like my brother (Billy) who died at 3 months old.  I believe God has a purpose for everything.  He loves us all.  

458072 tn?1291415186
by peggy64, Jul 26, 2009
this was very beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Jul 26, 2009
You know what? I think miracles do happen every day but not every one is open to seeing it. Sometimes we just don't understand, either.

547913 tn?1317355667
by jimi1822, Jul 26, 2009

         Thank you for sharing this wonderful inspiring poem =0)

                                             "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing so
                                               some have entertained angels without knowing it."

                                                                                                                ~ Hebrews 13:2

915277 tn?1252573113
by joycekatherine, Jul 27, 2009
The poem was absolutely beautiful, thanks so much for sharing it!  I BELIEVE....

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