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Statins. Who needs them?

May 29, 2014 - 2 comments



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The statistics.

The statistics surrounding the sale and consumption of the cholesterol lowering drugs, the Statins, are nothing short of staggering. Here are just a few:

• According to a recent IMS Institute Report more than 20 million Americans take Statins every day and this figure is rising all the time.
• .They are the most popular prescription drug of all time with sales of $26 billion in 2008 alone.
• Before the patent on Lipitor ran out it had notched up total sale of $120 billion.
• According to a report published in the BMJ in 2012 the use of Statins increase your chances of developing diabetes by 9%
• Statins nave NEVER been shown to increase the lifespan in men or women who did not have a previous history of heart disease.

Who should take Statins then?

This is the single most important concept to grasp. You see that last point there? Statins have never been shown to extend the lifespan of people with no history of heart disease? The corollary of that statement is equally true. Statins have been shown to extend (slightly) the life expectancy of people with a history of coronary artery disease (CAD). You may need to consider taking Statins every day if:

• You have a bad family history of an immediate relative dying young and suddenly from CAD and you yourself have raised fasting cholesterol levels.
• You have symptoms of CAD or a history of having had a heart attack yourself.
• You have known arteriosclerosis, significantly raised blood pressure, raised fasting blood cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and other risk factors of heart disease.

In all cases however, I would strongly council life style changes in conjunction with Statins. At the end of the day there is no substitute for regular exercise, weight management, and a varied and sensible diet.

If you have been put on cholesterol lower medication by your doctor and are wondering if this is really for you, then I am here to help you with this question. Once I understand all your circumstances, including of course your fasting blood cholesterol levels, then I will be in a very strong position to advise you.  It would be my pleasure to help you.

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by songlines, Aug 10, 2014
I would like to ask for some advice regarding taking statins please, how do I go about it.
Thank you

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by Andrew John Rynne, MDBlank, Aug 10, 2014
If you want online consultation about this then go to www.medicaladviceforyou.com and we will see what we can do. Thanks

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