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im terrifyed

Nov 23, 2007 - 2 comments





skin infection






pubic area

ok i was bout to take a shower when i found this nickel size bump near my pubic area....i just thought it was a spider bite so i left it alone....but once i got out of the shower is started to hurt really really bad....i cant walk without it hurting, i quickly texted my mom asked her what was the sign of an yeast infection she asked me why and i told her bout the bump...she said just wear bagging pants until she got home....well im sitting here now lookin up if its cancer, yeast infection or a scared so if anyone can hear me plz tell me what this is

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by Crochetya, Nov 23, 2007
Hi terrified!

It depends on the exact location of the lump. If it is on the outside in the hair area, it could be an ingrown hair.
Yes, this really hurts when touched. Apply hot compresses until it is ready to burst. If the lump is on the inside
of the vaginal area, it could be a gland that's inflamed. If it is near the groin area you have an infection of some kind. . It does not sound life threatening, but any of the afore mentioned really hurts.  Keep your Mom informed. Good Luck!!

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by Yaji, Oct 23, 2009
Hi terrified!

It kinda sounds like something that happened to me once, I freaked out when I saw it because there has never been anything wrong with my genital area before. I did what any girl would do I called my mom, friends, doctor even and it ended up being an ingrown pub, oh man does that hurt, I couldn't walk, if my pants rubbed it was all bad, like the last commit said warm compressions and vasiline helps. Good luck on that. give it sometime and even though it hurts make sure to clean that area well, you don't want something simple to turn into something serious.

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