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My quilts

Jul 28, 2009 - 5 comments

I thought about it a very long time to post photos of my quilts here. But here it is. Quilting is one small step for experienced quilters, but for me, it's a giant step. But I love creating it. Like I said, one has to have something to be passionate about.(except our children). There are more photo's to come, as soon as the new owners send me photos. There are quilts for Zander (2nd grandchild), for Samuel (youngest one) and a few for my daughters. And a few for friend's children and grandchildren. Watch this space. (lol)

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by 10356, Aug 02, 2009
I will be :) as I look forward to seeing them.. do you just pick the pattern you want from your mind then piece it together with cloth ?? It takes patience a good eye for color and imagination.. I think it is a great passion to have and it keeps those you love warm :))

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by scaredmom330, Aug 02, 2009
I love quilts. but am not talented enough to make one.

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by SophieShine, Aug 02, 2009
I just can't wait to see the pix, you have a lot of talent girl.....

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by dominosarah, Aug 02, 2009
I love the quilts my grandma made for me.....

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by margypops, Aug 02, 2009
I just took a look at them as I saw your side bar they are wonderful, do you have a website you sell on, they make wonderful family gifts for heirlooms, this is an American tradition,I havent the patience but my mom knitted a lot which was the thing in the UK when I was a kid.

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