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Feeling Awful

Jul 29, 2009 - 10 comments

Well, I woke up this morning about 1:30 and every inch of my body was screaming in pain - where my skin touched the mattress, where the covers laid on me, etc....... MY SKIN HURTS.........Even my shower hurt - well, the pressure of the water, while at the same time the heat felt good because I was freezing.......

Yep, I'm also cold - almost to the point of shivering, but then I get like a hot flash - which doesn't last very long - just a couple of minutes.  AND my heart rate is up....... Just walking (more like plodding) in from the parking lot caused me to be out of breath and my heart rate over 90 (that was almost 45 minutes ago and it's starting to come down now)........ I took an aleve just before I left home at 4:00 am, but so far it hasn't done any good - if I don't get some relief, I might have to take sick leave, but am wondering if that will do any good, since it hurts, no matter what position I'm in......... so would I be any better off at home???  And my usual hard boiled egg and 1/2 glass milk is not sitting too well, either........

The only advantage of going home is that IF I am getting the flu, which I doubt, I won't pass it to my 3 "office mates" - one guy's wife is about 7 months pregnant; our dept secretary (not an office mate) is under SO much stress that I don't think she has the resistance to fight anything...........Going home would be the courteous thing to do............

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428506 tn?1296557399
by wonko, Jul 29, 2009
Barb, how awful!  Do you know else could be causing these painful symptoms?  You say that you don't think it is the flu...

You're amazing to even attempt work in such a state.  What you describe is actually very similar to how I can get on a bad day with my Lyme disease, I really relate to how the sheets can even hurt when there is pain like that in the skin.  I don't get the swings in body temp, though.  Have you checked for fever?

I hope whatever you decide that you condition improves soon!  Sending healing get well vibes you way!

393685 tn?1425812522
by stella5349, Jul 29, 2009
Sorry Barb.

Maybe just heading home and resting a day would help you.

Let me know - I'll be thinking of you.

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by Smilerdeb, Jul 29, 2009
Sorry to hear all this Barb :(
I know that my tummy cant tolerate milk when I am hypo and thats what it sounds like to me, especially with you being so cold.
Thinking of you here....

649848 tn?1534633700
by Barb135, Jul 29, 2009
Thanks everyone - I so appreciate your thoughts......... I'm relatively sure it's thyroid related.  My tummy is beginning to calm; still hurt though and can't warm up so I think I'll go get in my work truck and ride with the heater on for a while.....

483733 tn?1326798446
by TrudieC, Jul 29, 2009
Hope you feel better.  Sometimes a 'me' day is required.

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by teko, Jul 29, 2009
Oh barb! Maybe its time to call it a day? I hope this finds you feeling better? And I hope its not the beginnings of the flu? Keep us posted and take care and feel better.

458072 tn?1291415186
by peggy64, Jul 29, 2009
Did you check your temp to see if you are running a fever? If its your thyroid, maybe its time to raise your medicine.  Either way, I hope you feel better.

649848 tn?1534633700
by Barb135, Jul 30, 2009
Thanks so much to everyone --------- I made it through yesterday without having to come home - in fact was a lot busier than I wanted to be considering how I felt........I did not have a fever, in spite of the "cold" I was feeling, so decided that I didn't have anything contagious, like the flu.....

I definitely feel that the whole episode was thyroid related.... because I realized that I had missed my selenium for the 2 days prior.  I set "alarms" on my cell phone for whenever I need to take meds/vitamins, but sometimes the alarm goes off and I'm not near my truck with the bag that holds all of these "goodies" so I shut off the alarm, thinking that I will take the meds/vitamins as soon as I get back to the truck but sometimes I get too busy and don't remember or it's such a long time - this is the first time in a long time that I've had a problem.  I'm okay to miss *one* day, but 2 days is too much......... you can say what you want, but I firmly believe the selenium helps keep the antibodies in check...and *they* are what makes me feel rotten -----

When I first started taking it, it seemed like it wasn't doing any good, but over time, I realized that I didn't feel quite so bad and the "lump" in my throat lessened - didn't go away because I can always feel it, but it doesn't always feel like I'm choking to death.  If I don't take my selenium - sometimes, I can barely swallow and whatever I eat just kind of "hangs".  

I've read a lot of articles that say we should be able to get adequate selenium from food, but a lot of other articles say selenium has been depleted from a lot of areas, due to "over farming" and even though we eat enough food that *should have* selenium, often it's not there, because the soil it was grown in doesn't contain enough............

Who am *I* to say --- I just know that I feel SO much better today ---------

You gals/guys are the support team *I* want ------------ thanks and ((hugs))..... I love each and every one of you.............

483733 tn?1326798446
by TrudieC, Jul 30, 2009
So glad you are doing better and know the cause.  I was just reading a book on alternative therapies for Lupus and many apply to any auto-immune diseases.  Selenium was mentioned as a good one to take.

Hugs, Trudie

649848 tn?1534633700
by Barb135, Jul 30, 2009
Thanks Trudie - I guess we are both in here for the long haul, huh?  I've got the thyroid and pernicious anemia and you've got the thyroid and lupus....... FYI - the selenium I take is Solaray capsules for maximum absorption......... I tried some "cheapies" from the grocery store that did nothing.  I've read that capsules are more easily absorbed than some other forms and it seems to really make a difference in the way *I* feel..  Hope you might try it, if you don't already - who knows, it could help.........

Hugs back to you...........B

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