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emergency room

Jul 29, 2009 - 1 comments

well rubens been sick for the last four days but he is so stubborn he hasnt wanted to go to see the doc.
well this morning we went into emergency.
ive been knda worried because he has swine flu like symptoms.
fever, cough, soar throat, runny nose, boday aches, head aches, the chills he feels really cold but his fever was 104.5
and he was also very sleep. w/out meds. he has also had alot of diarrhea and vomiting...
so this morning about 4:50 am we left to the hospitol.
all the freaking doctor prescribed him was Tamiflu & Vicoden for the pain>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>pfffffffff...
he didnt even bother to test him for SWINE>>>
im worried.

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by swampcritter, Jul 29, 2009
Tamiflu is only helpful when taken in the first 48 hours, see:

Medhelp's drug page:

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