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Trip to hospital

Jul 30, 2009 - 1 comments






This has been the worst of all attacks.  I have many though out my life, but never one that caused me to lose my hearing, have the shakes to where I couldn't hold even a glass of water, and having my arms. legs. and lips go numb.  This one scared me beyond belief.  I am even confined to bed for a few days to let my heart rest(H/R hit over 300).  They gave the one that starts with a D to stop the attack, good drug, don't like the effects, then 4 shots of Ativan, to stop the shaking and bring the heart rate down a little further, then a pain-shot stop the pain that this attack caused in my chest and other parts of my body.   But I am alive and to me that is all that counts.

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by Mom2four85, Jul 31, 2009
Oh my I am so sorry to hear that, I can't imagine a hr over 300.  My s-i-l had 250 or 260 and had to be rushed to the ER 8 years ago and surgery.

Hope you feel better and take care of yourself.


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