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Ipod for wedding music or no?

Jul 31, 2009 - 10 comments

so we are checking out dj pricing and its starts at 500 and just goes up from there.. and im thinking is a dj really necessary? can't we just use our ipod and rent some speakers and a mic? The wedding is gonna be super small 40 people probably..  so is it worth it to pay 500 for a dj?

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by msniki412, Jul 31, 2009
I'd say go with the Ipod!!! I mean your having a small wedding anyways why waste over $500 on a dj when you can either save that money or use it for something else? Ipod would still work out. You can shuffle the music and have them play in order. Some favorites and don't forget that special song for you and hubby!!! Good luck with the wedding. I can't wait till the day I can start to plan mine!!! :-)

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by have 2 kids, Jul 31, 2009
It's your wedding and you can do it however you want.

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by rdh1981, Jul 31, 2009
I think the IPOD idea is great!!!! I actually saw this suggested in a magazine on how to keep a wedding budget down.  I wish I could remember the name of the Magazine I was reading it at my OB's office....sorry. Anyway, they said this was great money saver, especially if you are having a small intimate wedding.  That way you can save some cash and dance the night away to your favorite music!!!!!!!

I say go for it!!!

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by tatorbug40, Jul 31, 2009
Ipod-  the wedding I just did the cake for this past weekend had over 150 people, and they just used an ipod-  you can hook it up to most any speaker systems with an aux. jack....  just set up different play lists...  

we did our wedding on the beach, we had about 50-60 people there,  we did the reception below the house (on stilts) we rented at the beach,  set up tables and chairs, our friends grilled burgers, we made a pasta salad, and got a veggie tray and chesse tray, and the cake....  and that was it!  We actually had a friend with a jeep, because we couldn't find an outlet down there for the CD player we brought, so the friend with the jeep opened the top and just played music from the jeep-  it was perfect!  It was the most perfect wedding I've even been to!  (I might be bias?!)

Like have 2 said-  it is your wedding...  I say save your money and don't get the dj.

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by Lance06, Jul 31, 2009
I think its a great idea!! Save the money for the babies!

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by Cheyenne_08, Jul 31, 2009
My DJ (who happens to be my brother) just backed out of my wedding....which is in 3 months! Doing the music was his wedding present to me, and now I am stuck trying to find a DJ in a very short amount of, I am getting married on Halloween, so that is a HUGE day for parties and music and stuff, so I am struggling. I too was considering the IPOD idea!! I think it would work just fine!

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by pinkbelle, Jul 31, 2009
Tator - i love that idea.. just pulling up my hubbys truck opening the doors and just blasting the music.. that is so Matt.. he will love that idea..

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by tatorbug40, Jul 31, 2009
Remember, people are there to help you celebrate the joining of your life with Matt's-  they shouldn't care what you feed them, or how they hear the music-  the point is to be there to help you celebrate this wonderful day together!  Do it they way you want it to be done... not how you think others would want it done!  This day is one of the few day you will ever get to be all about YOU!

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by AHP84, Jul 31, 2009
I will be having my wedding in one month (Sep. 5th), and we will be using an iPod for the music at the reception--we may even use it for ceremony music, but we haven't determined that yet. There's just no way we can afford $300 or more an hour for a dj. In fact, when my older sister had her wedding six years ago, they had a dj, and you know what? Those guys didn't do a whole heck of a lot of anything except sit at their table and shuffle through a notebook of music. I can't even remember them "announcing" anything or speaking over the mics much. Since that's how I remember djs at a wedding, I wouldn't waste hundreds of dollars on a dj even if I could afford it!
It's your wedding--make it what you want and have fun!
I'm going to be doing a lot of things "out of the traditional norm" at my wedding but that's exactly the way I want it to be. :-)

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by tbeards, Jul 31, 2009
I think it completely depends on how you want the music to be at your wedding. Do you want it simply to be background music? If so, the ipod idea is great. If you want people to dance, a good DJ really gets the crowd going and can pick up on how the mood is getting so they will adjust the music accordingly. We loved our DJ and it really was one of the smallest expenses in our wedding besides the invitations, which I made myselft : )

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