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Crazy week/ feeling tested.

Jul 31, 2009 - 2 comments

We went on vacation last week to have some fun and relax before we all start school. Things were good. We had a great time. Other than the first night when I had a small snake in bed with me. lol. Due to sleeping arrangements DH and I werent able to BD. And of course my day to O was while we were on vacation. :(  But its okay. We will be back to trying this next month.

Anyways..while we were on vacation our AC unit was to be fixed here at our house. He had a whole week to do it. Sunday we come home and he still wasnt finished.  

Monday morning DH is on his way to work, it had been raining, and out of no where a guy appears in the middle of the street. DH swerves to try and avoid hitting him, but no such luck. However the guy isnt hurt very bad because suddenly he is yanking open the driver side door, grabbing the sterring wheel and trying to climb into the car over DH. Blood is getting all over DH and the car and this crazy guy is screaming for DH to drive because someone is tryin to kill him. Turns out the guy has cancer and his meds are making him loopy. Still however ..its not the way I like to be woken up at 6 am.

Tuesday DH is in the garage and notices some of his tools are missing. We left with the garage locked! We call the guy that had been here and he immediatly gets defensive and starts blamming our friend who had been over to feed and water our dog. However though he does admit to being in the garage and using some of DH's tools.

Today..DH goes to leave for work around 4 30 this morning. He see's something on the windshield and thinks its something from the tree.  So he flicks on the wipers and guess what? Its cat poop!  And yep.. it smeared all over the windshield. He had to stop at a gas station to clean it off.

You see, the week before we left for vacation DH threw out some good karma into the world. A guy he worked with was down on luck. His apartment had caught fire and he lost everything. So my sweet DH took some money out of our savings and donated it to the small fund for the co-worker.  I was so proud of him. Today he tells me.." I do good for ppl and this is what comes back at me! Im done!! Im going back to living my happy little life and leaving everything else alone"

I think he just threw the Universe for a loop and it went outta whack for a min. What do u think?

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229760 tn?1291467870
by rdh1981, Aug 01, 2009
OMG! That is one heck of a week!!! Monday was especially horrible. I would have been terrified. Your dh should not give up on his good deeds believe me they are being appreciated even though things are too dark to see them right. I hoping they result in a BFP!!!!!!!

Well, I am glad you guys had a nice vacation, but it kind of sounds like you should have stayed one more week!!!!!!!!  Although I am glad to have you back to talk to!!!!!!!!

I have feeling your luck will start to change real soon. You have one of the best Guardian Angels up there watching over you everyday!


951847 tn?1271136922
by jlankford09, Aug 01, 2009
Thanks sweetie. And yeah I agree with you on monday. Im so glad it wasnt me. Id be traumatized for sure!! And yeah we were well aware of Nate this past week. The place we went to on vacation had been in a drought. While we were there it rained TWICE.  (Nate always loved it when it would rain). Then on the second half of our road trip it rained.  At our next stop for vacation we had rain. And when we got rained. But at least He listened to us the day we went to Sea World. We asked him to lay off the rain and give up some sunshine. Im peeling now, thanks to him. LOL

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