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Osteo Update

Jun 04, 2014 - 0 comments

Since my last entry, I received my first evidence that the infection is healing -- X-rays on Tuesday, 2.5 weeks post surgery and treatment, 6.5 weeks post symptoms appearing, show that the hole that the infection bore through my bone has begun to close up!  For the bone to heal, the infection must first depart this area, so I'm hugely relieved.  Slept my first good night's sleep since this thing started.  Another symptom since Friday is peeling skin on the affected leg... my infectious disease specialist indicated this is a good sign, that infection is leaving my body.  

I have found an absence of community around osteo, and mostly chilling, scary accounts of cases with worst-case outcomes.  Hoping this provides some comfort to a parent or adult in my situation, that healing does happen!  So eager to get all better, but still mostly laid up.  Ah well -- on the right track.  

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