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I know too much...

May 17, 2008 - 4 comments

I have come to the conclusion that I know too much for my own good. When we first miscarried 17 months ago I plunged myself into reasearching it, and I have been doing that ever since. On the positive, I am a much more knowledgable person and have a lot of information to help others. But, the negative is that I now know everything that can go wrong. I know what the warning signs are and what happens in those so-called "normal" pregnancies, so I freak when I dont fit the mold. Recently, I discovered that high beta-hcg levels are a warning sign or Down's Syndrome, so I am freaking about that.  I sometimes wish that I hadn't researched like I did, that I didnt know what I do, because I think I would have a lot less worry. I wouldnt over analyze every little thing and compare it to all that I have read, I may just be able to sit back and enjoy bein pregnant, but so far, no success with that.  

Does anyone else feel this way?

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427258 tn?1266445242
by natemomma27, May 17, 2008
i did the same thing after my 2nd miscarriage and now that im pregnant aagin and only 4 weeks, im analyzing every twing and freaking out. i havent had my levels drawn or an u/s yet either, so that doesn't help!!

294043 tn?1354207946
by Helen72, May 18, 2008
After struggling with infertility for years we finally got our first bfp which was a total miracle.  I am less than 5 weeks now but feel so stressed that something may go wrong.  I obsess about having no symptoms, about being 35 and having a higher risk of m/c or chromosomal abnormality, etc.  My dh asked me yesterday whether I can tell when this stress and constant worrying are going to end.  But I think that the answer is never.  It's just a part of being a mother.  

SSBD to everyone!

511778 tn?1222823285
by terra_dawn, Jun 08, 2008
I feel the exact same way! I will be 10 weeks pregnant this Tuesday and I have been a basket of nerves every since I found out I was pregnant. I have researched so much that I feel I am more up to date with knowledge than some doctors!! LOL  That's terrible but it's true!

Two of my friends had had miscarriages so when I found out I was pregnant I started to research it. I spend hours and hours on the computer researching and reading forums. My sister is pregnant too. She is 4 months and she has actually asked me to stop sharing my knowledge with her.. She said she would rather not know...  Actually, I wish I could turn back time and wish I didn't know all that I do. I feel I wasted this weekend worrying over the health of my baby and trying to analyze whether or not it is still ok..  The internet is a good tool but I'm wondering if all this knowledge is really benefiting me or adding way too much stress :)  So yeah, I know what you going through and I can totally relate!

550546 tn?1249410039
by Avanaar, Jul 23, 2008
After my miscarriage, I didn't want anything to do with babies, miscarriage, anything.  But when we got pregnant a few months later, all I could research was miscarriage information.  That's actually how I found this site ...when I was Googling about 'missed miscarriages', which mine was, I saw a link to a post on the miscarriage forum here.  So as paranoid as I was about all the things that could go wrong in this pregnancy, I'm glad I looked it up, or else I wouldn't have found you all!

Even now, at 16 weeks, I'm scared I will still miscarry.  They say, "Knowledge is power", but I think sometimes too much knowledge can be damning.

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