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Exhausted, Swollen neck pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, No help in sight!

May 17, 2008 - 3 comments

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


swollen neck


no help


Neck pain

I am a 51 year old lady, who has recently been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrom.
I am a single mother, of a 16 year old good girl, but, I haven't had a relief support system since he was born.  My daughter was diagnosed with Mono. last month.  A couple weeks later I was very fatigued and feeling very exhausted.  I have a swollen neck and gland neck pain, as well as behind my knees and grone.  My doctor gives me 2cc B12 once a week.
My throat seems to swell up under stress and go up and down frequently.  I am in sales and was recently located to a territory  1 1/2, at least, miles from home, which is where my office is.  I drive in constant traffic and semi-truck traffic and accidents all day long. I am looking for advice on my symptoms of chronic fatigue, falling asleep while driving, low energy, irritability, and very painfull swollen neck., you can not feel the limph nodes when the neck is swollen.  I am on short-term disability for 2 weeks. Due to this condition.  Any sugestions about treatment!  

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by beachblond, May 17, 2008
So sorry to hear and feel your pain. Hypothyroidism can create your symptoms. If you have a doctor, ask about a natural thyroid medication called ARMOUR thyroid. Its a teensy tablet. Once a day on empty stomach. It has only been almost 3 weeks and I feel so much better. Even if your lab testings reveal NORMAL numbers, strongly ask your doctor to test TSH, T4 free, plus T3 also.  Here is a web site (and he has a book that saved my mind) :   Its entitled OVERCOMING THYROID DISORDERS. its a smallish bright pink book.  What he says inside will really help you become wiser. Inside the book he has an address and phone's the ph#...248-851-1600.  Dr. David Brownstein is his name.
His information has truly helped me know that there is someone out there who will help.   Warm wishes~

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by Lynnann, May 21, 2008
Go to a health food store and buy a Liquid multiple B vitamin, eat healthy, keep your weight healthy, walk outdoors. Listen to music.   Good Luck.  

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by TDV, Jun 24, 2008
The CFIDS Assoc. in Charlotte, NC has some really good info.  I think the website is  Regarding help to keep you from falling asleep:  An MD at Duke I'm seeing as a consultant Rxd Provigil for me.  It was originally used for narcolepsy, but I have found references to it in the CFS literature.  One drawback is that you may feel better and so "over do" and have a worse relapse.  I have held off trying it because of that, but I think I'm willing to try it now.  He did say to take it for a few days and then stay off for several days, and that it was only to be used on my worst days.  Take care and here's wishing you well.

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