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Aug 02, 2009 - 9 comments

So no excuses or whining about how I feel. I relapsed again and am setting my day back to 1. I was dealing with lifes stressers pretty good but kinda got slammed with more than I could handle and just then, the oppertunity for getting some drugs was there. Can't believe I did this but I can't dwell on it either.
I'm going to look into some counceling this time. Just wanted to share my experience and let evetyone who has helped me on here know where I'm at.
Also hoping all of the new perple who come on here and think they are out of the woods after a few weeks or  a month NOT. This is a lifelong process. Guard up all the time. If you do get pulled back into this addiction get right back out as fast as you can. You have to tell on it.
Thank you all for your continued support. Thank's Lese, For always being there for me. With friends like you I know that I'll be OK. Love, Corey

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by gizzy32, Aug 02, 2009
Hi Corey. You are so right, it's a lifelong battle and you had a lot of clean time under your belt and you will again. Stress is one of the biggest triggers for all us addicts and although it gets easier, the second we let our guard down, it's deadly. Ive seen it with myself and many members here. I am proud of you for posting this and YOU WILL GET BACK UP and be ok:). Support now is so important as you know and we are here for you. Your a great person and help so many here, so get back to what you do. I know how tough it is right now, but you will be feeling better in no time. Please get back on here more again and see about going back to N/A, it helped you so much. I hope you learned something from this, just as i learned from my drinking binge a few weeks ago. Sending you a BIG hug:)

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by outotown, Aug 02, 2009
So sorry to hear this, life can be tuff at times. Believe me I know, im sick cant work, but going to missed all last week out sick, so everything thing I owe on is in default, so stress is tuff, hope you get thur this ok, fight with everything you have, ok

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by beatingthis, Aug 02, 2009
Hey my sweet Corey,

Yup, it is a life long fight. I will be here for you my friend. Dust yourself off,head up, do rag on,
let fight begin! I will stand beside you always.

Much love and support,


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by 10356, Aug 02, 2009
Wabbawabba sister.. You will gain back your year.. This is one of the positives of getting back up. You know how proud I'm of you.. Coming forward is never easy and not something we relish doing but by doing so you shed more light onto addiction. not only for yourself but others.. You will always have stresses but you have made changes that will have a impact on the quantity of time you have for yourself.. making room for quality of time in your continued growth of both spirit and knowledge.. I myself em very excited you will be seeking therapy as you are on the right path.. I just think that the knowledge and confidence you gain in yourself through the process will grow and overshadow some of the negatives that lead to relapses.. I hope you are using this time today and tomorrow to try to decompress and enjoy the simple things.. love ya  lesa

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by boldsojah4christ, Aug 02, 2009
When u fall sis pick urself back up & keep running this race!! Sis i believe n you! We believe n you!! You have encuraged me so much since you have came here!! You know you always will have my support NO MATTER WHAT!! love shannon now thats the 411!!!  

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by corey411, Aug 02, 2009
Thanks guys. You all mean so much to me and the support I get from here is more than most can imaging.

Giz, Our numbers keep on going up and down but at least we are here to put numbers up and have not given up. You are right, I do need to spend more time on the forum and as soon as my 2 week notice at work is up I will have the time once again to be here.....hope your here too. You make it a better place:o))

Outotown, you know I love you and I wish I could help you or even find words. I'm just sorry that your going through this..

Terry, Thanks for your constant support. That do rag is gonna look better on me ya

Lesa, wabbawabba right back. If you get time call me at my sisters again tonight...If I don't answer ....taking that long bath:o) Big hugs to you for helping me with you shoulder problems.....I was suppose to be helping you.

Shannon, Thank you so much, your support is so important to me. Thank you for believing in me. I'll do ya proud. You know I'm here for you too....anytime and that's the 411, Love ya,..

I haven't been on alot today. I didn't use for very long so I'm not real sick. Alot of head stuff. I'm quitting my job on Tuesday when I go back from vacation and left home yesterday to stay at my sisters to see if I want to end my 20 year relationship with Joe and sell my house. I'm having tons of stress at once but I'll be OK. Technicaly I'm in the middle of day 2....just for hoping I don't get dope sick purposes., Thank you all for being here for me. Love Corey

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by mtgoat911, Aug 02, 2009
cory, its ok relaspe happens to the best of us, really all of us
i get alot out of "relaspe and recovery" i will find it for you hang on

even if you hate na, please read this, i promise, pinky promise that you will get something out of it, and if you dont i will post an incriminating youtube video in your honor i will play my key board while singing a song about all the reasons cory has to stay clean

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by dominosarah, Aug 03, 2009
Oh corey i am so sorry to read you relapsed but am glad you are picking yourself up and moving forward.  Just know i am and will be here for you........I cant wabbawabba you but i do have some cool rocks~~~~~~hugs to you  sara

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by SophieShine, Aug 03, 2009
Oooooooooh Corey, I was not on yesterday..... Stress is a mind and soul killer, Take it as a bump in the road. You gonna come stronger out of this. Therapy is a great idea, it will help you tremendously.
Please take back that book you told me about and get in The Now.
I send you all my love Sweetie.
xoxoxo. sophie.

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