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pseudotumor cerebri entry 9

Aug 02, 2009 - 1 comments

Pseudotumor cerebri











Well things are finally looking a bit better.
The newly installed programmable valve seems to be helping.  Headache is now more like a typical headache and not this terrible negative pressure that she's had for the last few weeks.
They had to recut the scar on her back to put the new valve in and she's surprisingly tender back there - the surgeon thought it would hurt less as it'd been cut before, but for whatever reason, its hurting a lot more (than both the front and back cuts combined) and she also has some abdo pain around the front scar (not the scar itself as thats 5 weeks old, but underneath) possibly irritated by the tube that may have moved back n forth during the surgery as they tried to force the first valve on.
It was so  great to see her sitting up yesterday with tolerable pain levels - first time in weeks!  with a bit of luck, she may get home later this week.  yay!

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by Mage1970, Aug 02, 2009
Keyman , great to hear , Don't forget programable shunts are magnetly activated so ask question . Good luck to you and yors Mike

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