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Aug 03, 2009 - 2 comments

Okay so I get there a different lady does my Ultrasound, my normal
person always tells me how thick my lining is and the size of my
follicles, this lady wasn't telling me nothing the only thing she said
is my lining was a 6 and I have a cyst on my right ovary and my
follicles on my left side aren't quite matured. So at that point I was
irritated I told her I still had to do blood work so I go in the
room and I was crying a little cause that's not the news I wanted.
I'm waiting and waiting and 35 minutes goes by and I go to the counter
and ask how long till I get the blood work done and they say OH we
had you for an U/S. We were wondering why you was sitting out their!!!
The nurse calls me around the corner and said we'll do the blood work
days after you O. There must have been confusion when you spoke with
nurse! The only confusion was the nurse I spoke to figured my u/s
have went as good as last time and I would have taken the ovidrel
and got blood work today.
How dare they treat me like I'm stupid I know what I was told and they
just let me sit for 35 minutes didn't ask me if I had questions or
nothing just let me sit their and look stupid. I was so mad I went to
the waiting room told Josh we were getting the hell out of their and
bawled my eyes out before I hit the elevator and have been crying

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901246 tn?1281109626
by joal, Aug 03, 2009
I'm sorry, that has to be very frustrating. Try not to let them get to you and hang in there, in the end it will be worth everything.

758877 tn?1382585762
by ladybug82, Aug 03, 2009
WHITNEY !!! i am so sorry dumb ****** is there anyway you can REQUESt that one NURSE that you had BEFORE ...i hate that she was as cold as ice.. JOAL is RIGHT hang ion there and i do hope its worth it at the end i say it like that cause i am in the same sit as you .... we will fight this fight we arent going down WITHOUT our MUNSCHIKINS !!! sending you tight hugs *:0) erika

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