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Busy Day

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Cell Phones

Today is going to be busy. I gotta travel to a town an hour away for some training for work. We are getting all new registers and a new system and I have to learn how to use it. I am excited about all the new stuff, but wish that our training could be done a little closer to here. And then tomorrow I have to be to work at 6am and just sit there most of the morning while they put all the new equipment in. And then I have to work until 6pm, I really really hate 12 hour days.

Yesterday at the grocery store I found some excellent deals! I love fresh fruit and veggies but I won't usually pay the price for them. I found blueberries, 2 bags of salad and a big bag of grapes all for $1 each! I was so excited!!!! I love fresh blueberries. So this morning I got fresh blueberries with my oatmeal.

Its storming here this morning. So many people don't like storms, I love them! I find them calming and peaceful.

My ultra sound went ok yesterday. Of course I don't know anything. I won't know anything until I go to the doctor Thursday or if they send me my report first. I always get a copy of my reports sent to my house. I love that they give you that option. The lady who did my ultra sound is someone I have known since I was little. Her and her family use to live right behind my grandparents while I was growing up and I went to school with her youngest son. She was looking at my reports from both hospitals and what they said. She also told me why they always do 2 different ultra sounds (pelvic and vaginal). She said the pelvic gives and all over look and a vaginal gives better details. And we also talked about our families, which helps me take my mind off of everything cause those things make me so uncomfortable.

Yesterday when we went to Wal-Mart and was looking at cell phones. Our Sprint contract runs out this month and we are wanting to switch to Verizon. I really want the EnV Touch. We was comparing the EnV Touch and the EnV 3 which is the phone my sis wants. They are identical except the Touch has a touch screen and the 3 don't. I am so excited to get a new phone. I know I definitely can't until the 13th, so sometime after that hopefully!

Well, I guess I have babbled on long enough, I need to start getting ready for work.

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