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lessons we learn and why?   this one patientice

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God has many ways of teaching us lessons...some by things we bring on ourselves ( like drug addiction) others love, forgiveness,which are probably two of the most importanat ones, because if you can't forgive someone, and love them, then how can we learn to love ourselves.
Well the lesson I am learning at this present time is patientice. This is a tough one to grasp, at least for me. As many or most know I need a kidney transplant, been on dialysis for almost 6 years, well next month will be 6 years. I have gone through gastric bypass surgery to get myself eligable, which that surgery is one of the best things I ever did for myself.  I have lost over 180 lbs, and did some other things to get ready.
This past April my oldest daughter and I went to the transplant center to see if and what I had to do to get activated on the transplant list. While there my daughter ecide on her own that she wanted to be a doner. I was dead set against but after her telling me I didn't have a choice and the info they provided I said yes.
I has a list of things that the transplant center wanted me to get done again. Which I made sure I got them done as fast as I could. after about 6 weeks my daughters blood work came back and we were a match but the hospital wanted to redo a couple of test. Autymn went gave more blood and everything was satisified. We were on her last group of testing she had to do, some were female type test, because of her having kids and the other was just more blood.
So I am really getting amped, thinking oh my no more dialysis. by the way I and many others have been praying that the "Great Physician" the Lord Jesus would touch and heal my kidneys. So one way or the other I will be healed, either by God's touch or by the surgeons who hand will be led by God.
Back to the story, last week Autymn, calls and tells me she has 4 infected impacted wisdom teeth. She goes to the oral surgeon and he puts her on 2 weeks of anti-botics, and when she has the teeth cut out, we will have to wait 4 more weeks to make sure there is no infection in her body.
I was a little upset and down getting this news and God told me "hey patientice" so this is a lesson I am learning. Who knows I still believ what the Bible tells me. Jesus promised that we can be healed,
One way or the other patientice I now know is a true virtue, I will look at many things so differently, sitting at a red light, standing in line at the store, and the best of all having more patientice with my 3 God makes everything work out ofr the better ofr us..Amen,,, God Bless....brian

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by Cherie762, Aug 04, 2009
Brian, I do understand, read the journal entry I wrote whilest you was writting this one its about patience and time too, amazing we where on the same subject and did not even know it, and at the same time too, bit much of a coincidence huh?

You know all things happen for a reason. Autymn needs to be 100% for this and you would want nothing less, its not selfish for you to wish to hurry this up its normal,.Almost like waving a lolly infront of a kid and then saying hey you cant have it, not so nice.

Guess what you have to wait 6 weeks and so do I 6 weeks till I can do anything  like go to school drive etc,,,maybe we are suposed to help each other.
What can you do during these 6 weeks, get your home ready, stock up on stuff, Hallmark card shop sells these books called a fathers memories for his daughter, wouldnt that be nice to buy fill out for Autymn and give it to her after the surgery, all girls like to hear those stories of dancing on daddies toes, etc,,,itd be the best gift you could give her memories of childhood, her wedding etc,,,the book asks questions like what was your best Easter memory IDK you get what I mean. It would help you pass sometime and it would be something she would Treasure forever .

Since I got this thing under my jaw Im learning lessons to I have to talk , I cant yell anymore, yes God knows what hes doing, nothing is random, he gave us each other as great friends.

hugs, Cherie   and it will be OK I know that with every ounce of my being

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by boldsojah4christ, Aug 14, 2009
im learning & practicing jolly daily! Asking God 2 give me the strength! I have 2 realize that everyone is not on the same page as i am especially when it comes 2 the things of christ! I need 2 also remember that i too was once in the same boat!! Nice pOST God bless bs4c:

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by MJIthewriter, Aug 15, 2009
The good thing is you will get what you need eventually. Just the waiting... Patience is one thing I struggle with.

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