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I listen to this song before bed! Makes me feel so grateful for this new life.

Jun 12, 2014 - 7 comments

I pop in my headphones and drift to sleep grateful and teary eyed when I listen to this song. It is by Bryan & Katie Torwalt its called "You saved my soul" it's a Worship song! Just wanted to share!

Verse 1
Forgetting my sorrows, forgetting my shame
You took it from me, and Iʼm not the same

Chorus 1
I know, You saved my soul
I know, You made me whole

Verse 2
You make me happy, You make me free
You healed my sickness, and gave life to me

Verse 3
You gave me power, You gave me the keys
You shared Your spoil, from Your victory

Chorus 2
Iʼm free now, cause You saved my soul
Iʼm healed now, cause You made me whole

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by msdelight, Jun 12, 2014
Awesome girl! Love this!

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by Pat1956100, Jun 12, 2014
I do too.  You have such a great attitude and this sure proves it.  You posted and you took everyone's advice.  So proud of you.

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by AShellof_Me, Jun 12, 2014
FREE INDEED my Sista!!! Praise GOD!!

Beautiful Michelle :)... love worship music of all kinds!! Feeds the spirit girl.  Thank you for sharing!! Had to look it up... LOVE it - kinda folky... my daughter would like this one :)

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by takingmylifeback2014, Jun 12, 2014
Definitely folky ...  but the words are awesome! It is so true! :-)

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by clean_in_ks, Jun 12, 2014
Well, Michelle....GOOD MORNING TO YA!!!

What a wonderful surprise this was to find this morning.  Just as I read the words....I got goose bumps (I actually call them Holy Spirit  So I youtubed it.....have never heard of this couple before so THANK YOU for sharing this song.  Here's the youtube link just in case someone else might wanna have a listen:

My favorite line:  "I"M FREE"..........................yes we IS!  

Thank you again, Michelle.....may your day be blessed with a "Holy Spirit surprises" just helped give me one:):)

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by VICourageous, Jun 12, 2014
Hi Girl. When I first came clean I took so many songs and put the lord in the place of a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Just like that Mike McDonald song "This is it"..Listen to that one and you will get a message. I also liked "To be Loved by you" by James Taylor. When he says, and there you where..I took that as the lord.  Also have a great Tape by Siverwind. This is a christian tape and that song he sings about "Trust in God again America" will bring goose bumps all over. I will have to go and check out these songs above too..Hang in and I am very proud of you!
Been really busy doing LOTS of things around here while it is warm. We still have to put the electric in the garage and insulate and drywall. I will have a small dance area in there..Hahaha..Also we bought a used Boat from a friend who needed some money now! It was cheap but it is going to take some tender loving care to fix it up. Motor is good but inside needs a new face lift. SO come on out and we will go skiing. You can either water ski or snow ski..Just pick the season..Hahaha
Just Love this time of the Year with all of my Flowers and my Veg Gardens. Be Safe and keep BUT do not work to hard at your job!! Ha!

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by SmilingBright, Jun 12, 2014
Omg I had to look this song up.   This definitely blessed my sprit today!!!!  Thank you thank you.  I Love it

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