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Jun 13, 2014 - 6 comments

Life can go bye in a wink of a eye..One day I was 20 & the next I was 58..I really THINK it goes bye quicker when we drink or drug, however I KNOW it AGES us big time!!!
One day I had Heartburn to Heartaches, but found a relief.
One day I felt Nausea and IBS but that soon passed..Haha
One day I had Brown/Red Hair & then some Grey, but I found a good hairdresser.
One day I lost Many Friends and Family but I was too high to feel.
One Day I was going to DIE from this ADDICTION, but I found SUPPORT.
THEN it all came around..After using off & on since I was 14...(dumb)
One day I made the choice to come clean/sober and went into a place one more time.It was in Sept 2012 and this time I stayed and learned alot. I had to c/t off of my Methadone, Adderall I took with the Dones for a bigger Buzz because I do not have ADHD and it will wire you up..Then those Klons..Oh, how bad it is to c/t a Benzo and they did not even know or realized I was on this one too! My Physical detox went on for at least 6 months. I was up at a place in the Mountains right next door to where my Hub & I grew up..After no sleep for almost 30days and the Anxiety on the Moon I decided to go see my friends and some family when I got out after 30 days over in the creek that we are from..I had to go Camping because I could not take another day in a room full of people..My Anxiety and Sleep was still Bad but had calmed just a bit..By 40 days I made it back home..

OMG as I pulled up on my property and we have many acres, it all seemed to be a Dream..I could not even believe that this was my Home, my Hub and my Dogs..Was this the way I fixed up the place.(nice but too much stuff) was this my Jewelry and Clothes..Nothing and I mean Nothing seemed REAL! I would go out side and Rock back and fourth for Days..Finally I started to calm down and I think it had to do with being back home in my Safe place..After I realized it was My sleep was still very off the charts..I had joined on MH in Dec and was up all day and night and early morning on here. I sure do not want my Old Post to come back..I was still Bat Wing Crazy..But I stuck around and made MANY new friends from here.There were many whole held my Hand and guided me through..Many who helped me realize that this was all part of the process..Many who I kept relating too as I kept going through so many physical changes and I almost gave up..I did not know it would take so long as the layers came off. I hung onto Weaver as he was a few months ahead and came off the Methadone as I did. I also got to know my Soul Sister Clean_in ks as she was very interested as I was in this Disease in a more Scientific way. But to this day she is a good friend too and a Spiritual Blessing for me as Tony is too! Then I would be so confused about other things and I would PM Shara my wise Grasshopper. This girl can see things that I had no clue what it meant or what was up..NOT just on here but as I grew in my Recovery..She would always talk about being in Diapers in early recovery and now I do know what she meant. I would always PM Toothy & FourJays as we all where in the NO or Low motivation at the same time. I still keep in touch to this Day with FourJays who is out living her life Clean & Sober and with a NEW Job! Well there are SO many that I DO Care about on here and YOU know who you ALL are..Just too many to put

OK!! SO as I healed Physically my Mental kicked in at around 6-8 months and it was SO strange and I thought that was the worse. There is just SO MANY STAGES we go through that each one of us have our own stories..Around a Year and a Half I was feeling pretty good and kind of on TOP of the World..WELL then my WORLD came crashing down and I was knocked back Mentally to a kind of a detox state which affected me Physically.. My Hubs Dad, my Dad, our Baby Boy Whiteface and my Mom all died in a 90 day period from Cancer..Starting at the End of Nov 2013 to Feb 2014. NOW all of this was just TOO much for me in my early Recovery. Then after they passed on I had lost 2 more friends to Addiction..SEE this time I was not drunk or high..I had to UP all my Support and Move on with Life..I still cry and shed some tears for them all, but not on the same day..This comes in Waves, but I do cry a little everyday for my Boy because he was part of the House & our Baby Boy.

Today is 6-13-2014 and I took all of these deaths and turned them over to my God. This whole Journey since 2012 has brought me closer then I have ever been with my Lord. IF I would of been drinking or doing Drugs I would still be MAD & GRIEVING bad..I would be a slobbering drunk crying all over anyone who would be around. I DO KNOW FOR SURE that by being Clean and Sober I was able to handle this all in a different way..I gave it to GOD!
It took me almost and I say almost 2 Years to Balance out because I am still balancing a bit and only have 21 months..I now see everything around me WITHOUT those ROSE-COLOR GLASSES..I can not even believe the BEAUTY I am seeing around here..LOTS of Wild Flowers and Plants of all KINDS..Things have been just flowing good and I Pray they stay this way for while..I had my share of HEARTACHE last year and this year..I do believe things will go good for a long time now.


PS..One Day I will learn how to write better so who ever reads can understand it..LMAO!!!

Bless U ALL!!!!!!

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4614494 tn?1368356385
by SmilingBright, Jun 13, 2014
Wow Vic.  You write just beautifully.  What a journey but look at you now.   Seeing all of Gods beautiful nature.  It was so nice to finally hear your precious voice.   Love ya and thank you for being you.  

495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Jun 13, 2014
I think you have made it into the pull up stage Grasshopper!!!

7284346 tn?1402238725
by AShellof_Me, Jun 14, 2014
Oh Vickie~!
Thank you so so much for sharing your recovery journey!!! What an incredible blessing your story is to read.... wow.  You are an inspiration. THIS is what they talk about in the rooms girl.... when they say it's important to share our experience, strength, and HOPE!  This is IT!  Your story is inspiring and HOPE giving.  God is good and gracious and faithful to never leave us as we are... little by little... the transforming begins and a new life unfolds. Progress not perfection. wow... love it girl.

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by msdelight, Jun 14, 2014
Vicky love how far you have come! Even though I didn't know you then, I'm sure glad I know you now. What an inspiration you have been for me! When you reached out to me and we became friends it really turned things around! Thank you my first friend! I love you so much, you really are a good kind soul! I'm very close to your age and understand the Flash. I'm so glad we got off that merry go round and can appreciate the beauty we see in God's creation, the earth and the peeps! Life is too short to go through it in a drug haze! Love you pumpkin!

4341997 tn?1514588688
by toothfairie, Jun 14, 2014
Vic!  I have always followed your lead girl....I still do even tho i'm not on much anymore, I still check in on everyone to see how you are all doing....i will NEVER forget that post.."you need Jesus"...I still laugh to this day about that!!  girl we have been thru it haven't we?  especially you with all the death around you, and look at you!  still clean and sober to tell about it!  I'm so proud of you Vic... you bless me with all your compassion and helped me SO much in the earlier days...i'm still a work in progress myself, but i'm clean and happy!!   but just wanted to say how proud I am of you and still love ya bunches!!!  


4522800 tn?1470325834
by VICourageous, Jun 14, 2014
ALL of YOU are a GREAT INSPIRATION on Here & Touch me Deeply!!!!!

There were so many ahead of us that helped Guide us! Right Toothy? lol
ABN came in alot with his awesome information and good ol Ricart who we had so much fun with regarding "Herr".
Annie & Ang I miss too!

Yes, we ALL have our own JOURNEY and WE still are moving forward!!
I wish I could hear more from the Older Timers on here and how theirs went for so many Years. I would like to know the Changes they had to make too! There is SO much to this RECOVERY and it does take some Work for sure.
I do hear alot in my meetings from those that have 10-30 years in, but not like it is on here because we can read journals.
Really like what I heard last night besides what was in "Just for Today"
The Meetings are Not going to Save You..It is what YOU work at or on in them Meetings that will Guide us in the right direction..(Something like that)..I bet CIK will

This time I do not want to grow up to fast..lmao
Love Ya's Back!!

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