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10th day and feeling better than i used to (even on drugs!)

May 19, 2008 - 1 comments



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feeling better





It's like day 10 i think and i have been feeling really great. I think a lot of it is because of the vitamins that i have been taking (b-complex, zinc (50mg), magnesium(500mg twice/day), multi mineral vitamin (2) ). I really made the decision the day i stopped to really stop and i really don't think i will go back (when i set my mind to something i almost always get what i set out to get). After reading all the **** people go through on this site and watching shows like Intervention on A&E (or DEA for that matter) why the F would anyone want to go back and risk things like that? At this point i am not even craving at all. I'm working out a lot and getting things done.I credit most of this to this site. This site is like an NA, only its really anonymous. It seems that most or a lot of people on here don't have the money or are hiding addiction from spouse/loved one and cannot go to a detox center or get med help etc. I am just happy i came accross this site when i did. If i did not read the horror stories on here i would almost def still be using. I think the big man upstairs has a lot do with. Thanks God, I owe you another one.
Take care,

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by lonelyinCA, May 20, 2008
Rick - I remember the first day you came here.  Things weren't great.  I'm so glad to see things picking up and completely agree with this journal.  Great job.

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