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here r my medhelp friends?

Jun 15, 2014 - 5 comments

I am either messing up somewhere or I do not have and friends on medhelp. I make replies with no response. Have I done something to offend everyone or have I been cut-out? I am so saddened when I log on and have not even response. During the past year I have grieved the death of my husband. Reached out for support.. none. A week ago I literally died. I was looking down on body as they were working on me. If anyone should care... I fell asleep in sun at beach for about 3 hours. Not only was I burned badly.. the extreme heat caused my fentynl patch to excrete meds at greater rate. Home from beach and to bed about 1am... son decided to come home from lake at travel trailer. He found me unresponsive and barely breathing. I was receiving an overdose of morphine in patch without knowing it. Had my son not decided to come home at 3am when he did.. I would be dead. Medic in amb. thought I was dead. All praises to God I am alive today and can tell of my experience. Praise the Lord. Should no one choose to communicate with me,.that's ok. Love you all.  Maddli (Mommy52)

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by lulu747, Jun 15, 2014

Have you been posting?  I've been off the forum for a few days because I've been really busy but have not seen any posts from you.  I am so sorry this happened to you and am relieved to hear you are okay now.  A similar thing happened to me on fentanyl and I am happy my mom found me and took me to the ER or I would not be here today.  What site do you usually post on?  I don't think we know each other but nonetheless, I am here, wishing you well, and sending support...

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by heartfluttersflyawayplz, Jun 15, 2014
wow girl i am so sorry you have been threw all of this, thank you LORD , your alive ;

how scary that had to be for your son and you know that you know that

i can tell you i have not seen anything from you so had no ideal this was going on. if i had known i would of wrote you , your not alone i am your friend

how are you today doing, so so sorry about your husband , i know how that feels i lost my first hubby at age 33 i was 23, so scary and sad

here to talk..... Heart

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by mommy52, Jun 16, 2014
Really can't tell you a specific sit I wrote on. It was several different ones.

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by strokesurvivor48, Jul 14, 2014
hi Maddi, dont worry about responses as sometimes people responding takes a awhile, as i have found... plus they need to register  so on and so on,  I  am happy you are alive along with everyone!  yes, you are lucky your son came home, the angels must be looking after you. i used to like the sun, now i am terrified of the heat... not good for you!  i know its relaxing to go to the beach, but for now, turn on the fan, drink lots of water and relax, eat lots of fruits, cherries blieberries,let your body heal as each day is a healing process. you have friends here so dont feel alone ok, xoxo

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by mommy52, Jul 23, 2014
hanks to each that have responded. Someone really is out there. Heart.. Guess there is a closeness due to the proximity of where we live. Who knows.. we may run into each other one day. Maddie

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