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my taper method, what I feel should work for most.

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Oxycotin Use

   Since I have joined here, I have seen many asking about taper programs, which is the best route especially  for heavy duty addicts. so I thought I would share my thoughts on a taper regime,plus some things I have learned over 5 years of studying my enemy(norcos,hydrocodone and methadone)

  Many have not studied their DOC(drug of choice) very well. for example, replacement drugs such as suboxone and methadone are OPIOIDS too. opioids are synthetic man made analgesics and opiates are naturally derived, like opium. also, the chain of command for opiates is right where they all come from, the opium poppy.  opium is used to make morphine,morphine is used to make heroin.

   It all boils down to how long and how much you were on, and what kind of drug you were on. if you go to get off them , and you were on large long term doses,they can take more time and have harder WD's. they got long half lifes.  also contrary to one would think..... oxycodone(2 hydro atoms,even longer digestion) and hydrocodones(1 hydro atom)(opioids) are actually better, than most opiates because the have hydrogen atoms attached to the so they digest better, giving one a longer lasting effect and more pain relieving ability. hence why they are sooooooo addictive. I once read, that 3 -10mgs would be equivelent to 10-12 mgs of morphine(opiate) and BTW, what I write here is not meant to be VERBATIM,but more what I can recall,so please feel free to correct me, if you find errors.

so back to my recommended taper program. starts out high for heavy users, and one just needs to pick the spot where they are currently at. and this would be for a oxy or hydro user. replacement opiods like sub and 'done would be longer days, and ofcourse less doses. you have to get down,but you need to let the body adjust. so I say 3-4 day spreads, so the body has time to adjust to the new levels. but any longer, will drag it out too long I would think.

lets say someone is at 18 norcos...........

step down to 16, for the next 3 days

then is down to 14 for 4 days

12 for 3 days

10 for 4 days

8 for 3 days

6 for 4 days

5 for 3 days

4 for 4 days

3 for 3 days

now down to 2 for 4 days.....were getting there hang tight and fight !!!!!!!

now 1 for 4 days, or jump ship when you think your ready !!

now keep in  mind your body in mind will be still going through some WD's,but not nearly as bad as TOTAL Cold turkey(ct) and you can change the program or adjust it. teh key is to give your body time to adjust and it is not going to like it, but you must force the doses down !!!!!

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