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Vertex Headaches

Aug 07, 2009 - 0 comments

Vertex headache


Pituitary macroadenoma




constant headache


top of head headache

Vertex headache is what I was diagnosed with in March of this year. It is a rare side effect of pituitary macroadenomas. During my surgery they were not able to remove the entire tumor because of its proximate to the carotid artery. Is this why I still have the headache? After my surgery, I was dismayed to find that I still have this Vertex headache, or a headache on top of my head. It is daily, 24/7. My doctors have tried Topamax, but that severely lowered my platelet and potassium levels, Zomig, Zoloft - caused me to have migraines, Cymbalta, Relpax, Zanaflex, broke out in hives, percocet, dilotid, and many other narcotics. I have many allergies to medications, especially narcotics. I have very little stress in my life and the only time I don't feel the headache is when I am asleep, though It does decrease a little when I am laying down. I drink lots and lots of water every day, walk a mile every day, eat pretty healthy, do my lumbar stretches program every day and finally, take 1/2 Vicodin upon waking as I always have the headache. Currently I am having acupuncture done and in the past I tried massage therapy and chiropractic. I just want to know if there is anything else I can do for it. My surgeon is talking of radiation to remove the rest of the tumor. Can I expect that the Vertex headache will go away upon full removal of the tumor? Or is this something I will have to live with for the rest of my life?

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