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Too many doctors appointments

Aug 08, 2009 - 1 comments

I have had it with doctors.  But I need to go.  *sigh*  Eye doctor, retinal specialist, internal medicine to check the diabetes which is under control which is good, the reumatologist, getting an MRI next week, back to the retinal specialist and reumatologist... and ah... just too many doctor visits.  Thankfully we have good health insurance.  But even so, the copays are running up, not to mention the deductible that's goign to hit for the MRI and the retinal scans of my eye.  :(  Good health can be expensive if you have poor health.  *sigh*  And finding a sitter that many times?  Doesn't happen.  I took my daughter to the retinal specialist one day which turned out to be 3 hours.  Thankfully I remembered to pack the portable DVD player and lots of toys.  At the end of that, she said "that was fun mommy".  She also liked the fact that the retinal specialist was in a hospital.  Lately she keeps making her toys need to go to the hospital via the toy ambulance.  Well, anyways, she was happy at least... and calm at that one.  Today she threw her crayons all over the room when the doctor came in.  I don't think he looked  very happy.  But appointments like the MRI I need a sitter, so I can't waste a sitter on visits I know my daughter is capable of behaving.  The tossing the crayons was the only bad thing she did.  She then played with a different toy and the doctor was cool again.  Helps that he has a 3 year old as well.  

I do not have my autoimmune disorder under control right now.  They are now thinking I might have MS instead of lupus, but sometimes lupus can mimic MS symptoms.  Well, anyways, I'm frazzled.  And in pain and lots of fatigue.  And I feel like a really sucky mom right now as my daughter wakes me up every morning by prying my eyelids open with her fingers saying "wake up mommy"... "one eye open"  "two eyes open"  "No close!"   Caffeine and an hour of TV in the morning with my daughter are getting me going every day.  Well, one day it was 2 1/2 hours of TV, but one day of that can't hurt her... and then I was up for the rest of the day for play and interaction.  

I also should be happy my daughter is talking more.  I'm also taking her weekly to her speech therapist over the summer which is a 40 minute drive away, but it's near the zoo, so it's an afternoon of fun.  She loves the speech therapist and she loves the zoo.  And i'm  definitely getting fresh air and walking once a week.  Good for my  health, I suppose.

And my daughter is talking.  Lots.  Her speech is exploding.  She is using sentences now.  It's amazing.  She's still having trouble interacting with people and won't initiate conversation, but she's answering questions.  Sometimes not exactly the correct response to a particular question, but she's talking.  And she will use lots of sentences in her imaginary play with her toys.  I wish she could talk like that to real people, but she'll get there someday.  Hopefully soon.  

well, at least there is the weekend.  Next week i ahve the mri and one doctor's appointment, rhumatologist.  The next week I have the retinal specialist followup and hopefully that will be it for awhile.  

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by ChitChatNine, Aug 08, 2009
I am so glad to hear the speech improvement!  My daughter was in speech for 8 yrs with 100% success and I do recall the Summertime speech sessions .. long rides ... boring for my daughter.

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