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So Very Tired

Aug 08, 2009 - 0 comments
















I am so glad my long Saturday is over. I am SO tired. I didn't think I was going to make it through the day at work. I did all of the morning paper work myself this morning. My boss made it sound like it was really hard and confusing. I didn't even have to really use the manual to get through it, its pretty easy to figure out I think she is just dense. I personally think the new system is easier than the old one, but that is just me. I showed the other Assistant Manager how to close the store tonight. She will catch on pretty quick. And our boss is the one who had the more in depth class for opening and closing the store and we are the ones teaching her how to do it.

After I got off of work we went over to my mom and dad's and had a fire, did hot dogs and brats over the fire and just relaxed. My aunt, uncle and cousin came down too and it was a really nice time. My sister ended up getting off of work early and was able to sit with us for a few.

Yesterday I went to my sister's jewelry party. Just me, my sister best friend and my mom were the only ones that showed up (besides the jewelry lady). I set up for my party on September 12th, the day before my birthday. I just wanted to have a party because I could get any piece of jewelry that was $100 or less for $15!!! And then I get a percentage of whatever sells through my party. Yay! There is just a ring and pair of earrings I want.

Labor Day weekend we are going to my brother-in-law's house for a cookout. They just moved down by Cincinnati a couple of months ago and they have finally gotten their house all in order. They have a 3ft to 8ft in ground pool so we will get to do some nice swimming. I told my boss I wasn't going to be around that weekend so I wouldn't be able to work.

I ended up cramping so bad again today and had kind of heavy bleeding. I am still getting pains but the bleeding has slowed down. I am just so sick of this. I know that I don't have kids and that I am still young, but why make me keep suffering?????? I wish it was all just gone so that I could just move on with my life and not feel like I am being held back. Me and Bob know we aren't going to have any kids and even if we decided to, there is always adoption.

I am dosing off while typing this so I guess that is a sign that I should head to bed. I have to work tomorrow but I don't have to be there until 11:30am, so that means I can sleep in until 9am if I want to.

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