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Jun 22, 2014 - 2 comments

Hi ladies. ..Nicole is almost 8 weeks and not smiling much or giving me much eye contact. She looks over me or she's mad at me. Should I be concerned?

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334926 tn?1436811523
by butterflybabies, Jun 22, 2014
I've learned that babies reach milestones at different times. Milestones are only guidelines. I think by 3 months if she hasn't looked at you that she will probably have to get her vision checked. I'll be praying for her!

961574 tn?1520648103
by mhv, Jun 22, 2014
I wish I had advice, but I don't.  Have you thought about your pediatrician?  Isnt everything is still blurry yo them at this age?  

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