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Update on the babies

Aug 10, 2009 - 21 comments

Everything is going good with the babies, Hailey's got another surgery tentatively scheduled for the 17th (It's the "reconnecting surgery," hopefully her LAST tummy surgery and we can put all this behind us…)  

Hannah is sleeping all the time and just won't wake up to drink a bottle good yet, so she's still getting fed by a tube in her mouth that goes to her stomach.  This is normal for preemies.  We're expecting her to wake up & start taking her bottle better any day now and hopefully, she'll get to come home within two weeks.  It's almost like she's trying to wait for her sister… ha  (I hear twins unknowingly do things like that!)

Hailey's finally starting to progress much better now, (thank the LORD) so she should be home fairly soon after her sister, we think, within a few weeks after Hannah.  

Both girls weigh around 4 pounds now!  (Up from 3 pounds at birth.)  Yay!

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525485 tn?1314361301
by Lance06, Aug 10, 2009
SOOO glad to hear that the little ones are doing well!!!

486867 tn?1307139011
by bree08, Aug 10, 2009
I am so happy to hear that the girls are doing good. They've been in my prayers : ) I cant wait for more pictures of them

574521 tn?1313495146
by GUESITO, Aug 10, 2009
So happy for you family!!! Soon you will be able to enjoy them to the fullest! xoxoxox

210400 tn?1325380570
by amberd5191, Aug 10, 2009
Yay! I'm glad to hear they are doing well. Continued prayers!

193609 tn?1292180293
by Cheyenne_08, Aug 10, 2009
Glad to hear it! My son was born at 31 weeks, 3 lbs 15 oz, and he too struggled with the bottles. He had the tube into his belly for longer than some preemies born at his same gestation. However, we did continue to battle feeding issues even after he took the bottle, but it was nothing major! I am SO glad to hear your girls are going well! I know all too well what it is like to have a baby in the NICU, but you have 2 so it has to be twice as hard! Your little girls will be home before you know it :-)

507875 tn?1423160261
by Juana824, Aug 10, 2009
Woo hoo! Go Hailey! Go Hannah!! I am so glad the God is continuting to bless your babies and they are doing so well! Can't wait to see updated pics of them!


Avatar universal
by tbeards, Aug 10, 2009
That is fantastic news! I am so happy to hear they are doing well. Did you ever get the CF results back?

Talk soon,


566175 tn?1278430472
by cure65roses, Aug 10, 2009
Well we got the newborn screen results which shows they are both CARRIERS of CF (They inherited that gene from me, unfortunately.) But since it only showed one mutated CF gene, we're told they MOST LIKELY don't actually have CF (they are only carriers like me,) but they sent Hailey's on for further testing (b/c of her bowel problem) just to see if she has a second gene which might be one of those rare forms, but most likely she doesn't have it.  The way CF works is, she'd have to have TWO mutated genes to actually have CF and so far they only show one.)  We'll get those results back in a couple weeks.  

Thanks for all the prayers that were sent up for this little girl.  She's certainly been through a lot already.

Avatar universal
by AriQueen, Aug 10, 2009
Good news! Glad to hear the girls are doing better. I hope you get to bring them home soon =)

768015 tn?1333652075
by Nini2686, Aug 10, 2009
Wonderful news! HOpefully they'll come home soon. Will continue praying for your beautiful girls!!!

Avatar universal
by Latrice414, Aug 10, 2009
Im glad all is well with you and the babies and will continue to pray for your family.

453888 tn?1273806954
by agamommy, Aug 10, 2009
I am so glad to hear that the babies are doing great. Soon you will be holding them both in your arms and in your own home...

764229 tn?1322519884
by Juliaschill, Aug 10, 2009
Glad to hear they are doing well and putting on weight, I know the waiting and going to the nicu is hard, my son is still there also but has only been there 5 days, thank God they have places like these to take care of your little ones, I have a son with CF so I know how scared you must have been waiting to here the news, Glad to hear they don't have it, best wish sent your way, Julia

280369 tn?1316702041
by chantal21, Aug 10, 2009
Glad to hear all is well! =) they will be home before you know it! *hugs*

463595 tn?1333997222
by colorado_g, Aug 10, 2009
happy to hear everything is getting better, now short time and you will have them home. good luck

419158 tn?1316571604
by blueeyedtabbycat, Aug 10, 2009
Im so glad your girls are getting better I was worried and wondering how Hailey was doing:) Im glad that her surgerys are almost done. I cant imagine having my little girl carted off to the OR:( Sending out lots of prayers and love that your girls come home soon where they belong:)

349463 tn?1333571576
by NicMom, Aug 11, 2009
That's great news! I'm glad to hear that you only have one more surgery to deal with. It won't be long now before you have them both at home in that beautiful new nursery. I hope you'll be able to take extra maternity leave once they come home!

566175 tn?1278430472
by cure65roses, Aug 12, 2009
Update:  Hannah drank her first bottle yesterday!  We take these milestones for granted with newborns, but with preemies it's not so easy for them.  It's something they build up to,,, a learned process (to suck swallow breathe at the same time!)  

She has been getting feedings by a tube in her mouth that goes to her stomach...  And now that she's taking bottles, she's one step closer to coming home with me!  Very soon, ladies!  My guess is that she'll be home in a week or so!

I like the way Juana puts it:  "Go Hannah, Go Hailey, Woo Hoo!"  Yay!

165701 tn?1342627584
by anxious2, Aug 12, 2009
They will be home before you know it......My healthiest one decided to come home last.. I guess he was trying to wait for his brother and he ended be left behind..I hated leaving him..It did make the transition easy though getting use to one first then the other coming home..I'm glad your girls are doing well.

193609 tn?1292180293
by Cheyenne_08, Aug 12, 2009
Again, having experienced the NICU myself for 6.5 weeks, it is sSOOO great when the baby starts taking bottles :-) THat is what kept us in the NICU for so long with my son. At the hospital we were at, the baby has to take every feeding by bottle for 48 hrs in order to come home. Ashtyn got within one feeding and then wouldn't take a bottle again after that for a week! So, we were very ready for him to come home but then he went back to tube feedings. There will be set backs, but just take it one small milestone at a time! WOO HOO for steps forward!

178239 tn?1277405491
by tina1111, Aug 12, 2009
That is a big step toward coming home. I am really happy for you!

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