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Aug 10, 2009 - 0 comments


Last night, I stayed up all night watching Boy Meets World, a beloved show from my childhood. I lost track of time, and didn't go to sleep until my mom was up getting ready for work. I watched her car pull out of the driveway before dozing off a little after 7.
Then at 10 she called me to wake me up, so I could call the college I'm trying to get into to see if they have my transcripts from high school yet. When I called the school, I got no answer, so I went back to sleep. I do not recall a dream from the first sleep.
This time around I dreamt that I was married, and my husband and I had a beautiful baby boy which was wonderful until about ten minutes into the dream when a large disfigured mentally challenged man showed up, and I trembled with fear.
Many different versions of this situation ran through my head.
In one he cornered us in our shower, and shot my husband and child I begged him for my life. He said that he couldn't do that, but tried to comfort my by saying that I might live on in the hearts of my loved ones to which I replied by reminding him that he had already killed my loved ones. He then made a commennt about me having another child with him.
I responded, "What just so you can kill me after?"
He loaded his gun-thing with three large and terrifying knives, but switched to bullets after more pleading.
In another, My husband ran down the stairs of our deck to get help from the neighbors. There were people all around, a huge crowd of them, but most of them just stood there staring, just as terrified as we were.
Two black men were brave enough to go up to confront the monster. I don't know how I got downstairs, or where my baby went, but I ended up in the arms of a complete stranger, bawling my eyes out. I looked up, and apologized to the faceless neighbor, and explained that I was just so scared, that I feared for my child's life. Then, I burried my face back in the man's chest.
I awoke again, before seeing an ending to the story.

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