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Fatigue and Sleepiness

Aug 11, 2009 - 6 comments




I am used to fatigue where I can suddenly feel as thoughI hit a brick wall and the pain all over starts and I cannot do much of anything. During these times I don't sleep to well mostly because of the spasms and pain.
Well lately I started something new. I sleep at night around 7 hours I dream, my husband says I don't snore . He says at times I breathe softly through my mouth.
I wake up and in a few hours I am so sleepy I go back to bed and sleep hours.around five hours or 2 three hour naps and go to bed and sleep through the night.
I have not started any new meds. My mind has been very foggy.
I have no idea what has been causing this. I don't feel like this is depression.

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by feelingblues, Aug 11, 2009
When i had mono i was tired constantly. I would always want to go back to bed, even if i just got up. A symptom of mono is stiffness and muscle pain. I also found it to be foggy and found it hard to concentrate. You should get tested.

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by Debbi1, Aug 11, 2009
As soon as I get my husband through some appointments I will get tested. It's red and rashy at the back of my throat and roof of my mouth. I didn't think of mentioning this before because my throat is not sore.

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by Desperate in AL, Aug 11, 2009
Maybe you caught my first posting here re my fibro.  I mentioned, too, that I caught a whopping case of Epstein Barr a few years back (mono).  I was in the acute phase of EB for a lot longer than normal.  I couldn't get off the couch for close to a year.  My husband was in the war, I have no family here; not living in the military community; and no close friends, either.  So meals were just a dream; hygiene went down the drain, and it took a long time to get back to normal, which in this case of course is fibro.  I did notice a real change after I started recovering from EB, and that was I didn't have near the pain of fibro but more of the extreme, through the floor lack of energy. None, zip.  I didn't have energy, and nothing my doc or I did could give me energy.  And to this day, I'm more on the chronic fatigue side of the equation with some fibro pain creeping back in.  I also suffer alot with fog, always have whether it was the pain side or the fatigue side.  My doc keeps close tabs on me, and I no longer have to go in for routine labs to see if the EB is active.  She also sent me to a really good immunologist who ran some really way out there labs for everything under the sun to be sure that I don't also suffer from autoimmune disorders or suppressed immune system.  Jury's still out on that one year later because, even with all the labs and several having to be sent to a teaching hospital a couple hundred miles away, a couple of the assays could not be performed, and I no longer remember why.  An interesting question the immunologist asked me as he was working me up, "have you had Lyme disease; Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever; etc, was a usual one--how bout ever had a tick?"  I told him, "well, yeah, sure, I've had a few ticks on me over the years."  He kinda stares at me and goes, "were any embedded?"  "Well, yeah, sure."  He gives me the long look again, and has to tell me ticks carry diseases.  Ok.  So what do I have?  Fibro? CFS? CFIDS? A whole host of meanies from ticks?  Don't know.  But I'd check it out to rule in/out EB, ie mono.  If you have it, even if you've passed the acute phase, you'd probably need a little more extra prophylactic aid from your doc.  And stenciled on your forehead, "This Person Must Rest As Much As Possible," no ifs and or buts, or you won't help yourself or anyone else under your care.  I'm also on weekly B-12 shots, and they really do help.  She's got me on meds to get me to sleep, since restorative sleep is really key for fibro, cfs, et al, and I've been back in the insomnia phase for awhile. Good luck.I wish you well.

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by dfras, Aug 13, 2009
what do you take for sleep, I have similiar symptoms, and  no how awful this thing can be , I had a good month and have relapsed with fatigue and not sleeping well,  hard fall I must say, have no idea what triggered it, except maybe not enough sleep and alcohol , please respond.

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by dfras, Oct 28, 2009
I have been using co-enzyme q 10 for about two weeks, and i think I may be feeling a little better, it's always hard to know with this stupid illness, if I am just better for a while and then crash,  so I will keep fighting,   and see if this is helpful,

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by aguilasmex1000, Oct 28, 2009
yo dfras you should try and i know its gonna sound corny but warm milk but mix it with honey, that help and put some music on before going to sleep but lower the volume but still as long as you can here it. Concentrate on the lyrics, so they have to be songs you know so preferably a cd you have at your house. That works for me, and also pray.

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