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Doctor's appointment - 08/11/09

Aug 11, 2009 - 1 comments

Had my 36 week appt today. Makayla is doing great, measuring around 6lbs. I gained 3lbs since last BP wasnormal, her heartrate is great. NST was perfet...

Had a little scare...I went in for the urine sample and heard a plunk sound..looked in the cup and there was a bit of my mucus plug and some blood! I nearly dropped the cup! LOL...I am sill just 1cm, but BH have picked up...I am getting so nervous! My back has been aching like crazy!

I go back on Friday....

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by kele1129, Aug 12, 2009
Oh sis-star! You sound like you are getting close Momma! I can't wait for you feel that burst of love when you look into that sweet girls face....

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