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and so the journey continues

Aug 12, 2009 - 1 comments





Hepatitus C




hep c journey

even though i have had hep since 1986, and found out it had turned into c in 1998. now that i am having more testing done, such as viral load etc. and i am noticing more things going on with my body, the world around me has turned a little grey. symptoms ive noticed for quite some time make more sense now. the dr. brought up treatment today.

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by carolee2day, Oct 05, 2009
I have had Hep C for years and just recently my blood levels were up. PCP sent me to a gastroenterologit. Got a CTScan today, colonoscopy on Wed. and then will have a liver biopsy. I too have had more bloodwork to find out viral load and genotype. Don't have the results yet though. What kinds of things are you noticing in your body? I feel tired, depressed, sometimes I get headaches and a slight feeling of nausea. Carolee

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